Friday, December 3, 2010

how i miss thee

I fell away... from my journey and got caught up in life. No yoga, no running, no meditating, no working out, just... work, baking, kids, life. I forgot about one important person. me.

Now just a few months, weeks, or what have you later, I am finding myself yearning and missing certain things that brought me simple happiness.

Blogging and the blogger friends I made. Expressing, venting, chatting, sharing, empathizing, laughing, supporting... amongst strangers who were becoming friends. Missed.

Yoga. Meditation. hand in hand. Free, spirit, peace, clarity, present, healthy, feel-good. Missed.

Running. fulfilled, joy, strength, determination, goals, sweat, breath. Missed.

I feel so out of wack from the simplicity of things I used to enjoy.

Time to return.

Hello blog, friends, readers if any remain... you have been missed!



Meghan said...

Welcome back! I am glad you are finding the time to get back to basics, as they say!!! Hope you are doing well!

Jasara said...

I am, just busier than I want to be, as I read your post a while back... i took this month off of baking yet Im baking and taking orders every week! lol what can i say, its passion!
wish I would of got to meet you in Chicago! maybe next time!