Saturday, February 27, 2010

South Lake Tahoe

FINALLY!!!I get some relaxation time.

Got to Tahoe later than planned so today was just some simple fun in the snow, and buying new gloves! I walked in my first snow to the Lake and took pics which I wish I could upload but maybe tomorrow I'll figure a way :)

We rented a 3 story townhouse! I love staying here! Lakeland Village Resort is great in the summer and winter! I will miss it! My room in on the first floor which seems to be the only floor heated by the heater! TG! I have barely gone upstairs since it chilly! Sucks that the fire place isn't working :( boooooo!

But I am STARVING! Was going to cook since there is a full kitchen here but I'm the point where something yummie, quick and satisfying is a must!

Tomorrow; SNOWBOARDING!! woop wooop! Cant wait! Kiddos are excited too! I'm so happy they love the snow! *points for Chicago!!!*

I'm also happy I finally got the wi-fi figured out... mobile Internet don't cut it all the time!

So I'm off! In search of some food and I think, a drink or few are in order!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shameless Loves... (compliments of Yeh )

I finally browsed a few blogs today and one of my FAVORITE blogs to read is Yeh (pronounced yay) and she has a button of "shameless loves" I finally decided to "click" the link and was entertained with lists upon lists of the many shameless loves of strangers :) and since I have been on my love of a certain fruit all day long, I was intrigued to write my own list of "shameless loves" ***and yes, I will submit them for her posting with the hope that she will add it to her loves, shamelessly***
Jasara's list of Shameless ♥Loves♥
1. Grapples - I love these! The smell good and taste extra
2. Mani's and Pedi's - every 2 weeks like clockwork!
(every woman should treat themselves!)
3. T-E-X-T-I-N-G - "hi, my name is Jasara and Im a textaholic"
4. Hearty foods - the love of Gnocchi, chicken scallopini,
chicken parm, picatta, cacciatore, capellini, mashed potatoes,
smothered chicken, jambalaya, gumbo, etouffe.... my mouth
is watering from just typing it!
5. Chick flicks - my most fav's *Under the Tuscan Sun* / *P.S. I Love You* /
*The Time Travelers Wife* / *Julie and Julia*
6. South Lake Tahoe in the summer
7. Heels! - I would say shoes but every shoe I buy is a heel!
Being a shorty, Im a big fan of them!
boots, sandals, open toe, peep toe,
dressy, casual, pumps, stilettos...
can never have too many!
8. Dresses - I seem to have picked up a liking to dresses the past year
and have a nice collection of sweater dresses especially!
9. Mustard - yes. I do. all kinds. :)
10. Baking just because - as if I dont bake enough cakes from
orders, when i have nothing to bake, I bake!
*look up baking in the dictionary, you will see my face!*
11. The dollar store - its amazing how many things you end up buying!
12. Chicago - annual trips are a given
13. NYC - I left my heart there!
14. snuggling with my Dru-Bear ♥♥♥

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rest and Relaxation

With no cakes to do this week, I'm taking a lil R&R up in South Lake Tahoe.
I love Tahoe! Taking a trip to the snow, going to cozy on up in
a lil cabin fully functional with a fireplace :)
Miss having a fireplace!
Hoping to attempt snow boarding for the
I feel funny saying I'm going to the snow
when most of my mid-west and east-coast friends
are looking to escape!!
I wonder if by next winter, will I be missing
my California weather?!?!
I'm sure I will.
I'm adaptable.
Feeling a bit better.
In regards to my future and all...
No decision yet but
I've had some wonderful encouragement
that has lifted the blue veil :)
Hoping my book comes by tomorrow so I can read up on this industry
and make an informed decision on what path
I want to and should take.
I realize there is a path
it's just a matter of which to take
Working out too now
more regularly anyways
forcing myself to the gym on lunch
not just the occasional at home work out.
And one more week of YUCKY pills!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just call me ' Blu '

I'm glad I waited until after I worked out to post in my blog today, my anger would have been unmistakable earlier had this post occurred this morning.
I haven't been the happiest of people since reading that article. Then having people tell me, they told me so, or "it's for the best".
And so
I've felt even worse,
like having a best friend move away or
losing your job or
losing the love of your life.
But it hurts more...
The thought of not being able
to live out my dream
to do what I love
because the
I feel crushed. I feel lost.
What do I do now? Pursue it with the risk of not being successful
and putting myself and family in debt?
Not pursue it and try and do, and learn and struggle
on my own?
Just give up on the dream...??
It has demolished the High mountain I was on.
I try and think, am I over reacting?
Should I just give it some time?
I don't know. Right now, in this moment,
I don't want to even look at my application.
Search for another scholarship.
I feel defeated. So many out there talked bad on me
and my decision. Said I was all talk, "she wont make it"
or just didn't want me to move and attempt to
live my dream.
Your still young. Wait 10 years...
10 years? 10 years!!!
That's exactly why I have shut everyone out.
I have no real friends or support where I'm at.
Just judgements and non believers.
Why are so many so quick
to jump on the
never on the
or at least
I can not imagine life with out flour, sugar, eggs and butter.
They are my purpose.
My existence.
They are niche into the fibers of my being.
I hate being down and blue.
I know I will come out of my funk soon.
But I'll be full of
No longer will I be
For the few friends that know my sorrows and have made me smile, thank you. My heart warms knowing I do have a few special somebodies out there that do care. Do believe. :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

a glimmer of hope,bakery-pastry-boom-021010.article

this lets me breathe a lil.... :)


So... I have had this website under my favorites and have referred back to it for different reasons through out my culinary ventures.

Last night, reading through the links and what not, I finally decide to read one link in particular that I have purposefully overlooked the past couple weeks and I must say, ones intuition is usually on point.
It totally BUMMED me out. *sad face*
The link title was "Cooking School is not for everyone"
It was based on a book written by Chef Leslie Bilderback, Certified Master Baker and author of Success as a Chef. Not only did she attend a “big name” culinary school, but also taught at the California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena, CA and then was the Executive Chef at CSC when it partnered with Le Cordon Bleu.
Here is her response to a mother inquiring about her daughter wanting to go to school for baking and pastry arts;
I have a couple of points to make. First, here is the low down on culinary schools: They are expensive, and they do not necessarily prepare you for the real world. Big or small, the education is generally the same. Cooking skills don’t change much. And the name of the school will only get her in the door. It’s her skill that will get her the job.
***at this point, I'm still feeling generally O.K. about everything***

Please understand, I went to a big culinary school, I taught at one, and I was the Executive Chef of one. They can be terrific for the right type of person. But most students are not the right type. *** Still O.K. since I believe I'm that "type"***

The right type knows exactly what their dream culinary career entails. They have researched the job market, including job availability, salaries, and competition. **done that!**They know from experience what a food-service job entails, because they have already worked in food service, and they love it. (They love the sweaty heat, the tired aching feet, the foul language, alcoholism and drug abuse, low pay, no paid vacation or health insurance…unless they join a union.)
***uhhhh, have never worked in food service other than my own kitchen, but I still believe the hard work, achy back and long hours I've invested somewhat qualify me***

They are comfortable working for someone else; they know how to take direction, and criticism. Also, the right type of culinary student has no delusions of grandeur. They know, and are comfortable with, the fact that very few culinarians become rich and famous. ***well I didn't think all of em did but I did think if it was their dream and goal that it was at least possible***
(Most barely make it a year in the industry. Some hang in for 2 or 3 years before giving up.) The success rate of small restaurants and bakeries is pretty low, too. ***And this is where my heart sunk, my color faded and my dream just dissolved in the mist of 3 sentences***

The culinary schools are not packed with these kinds of students because they have little criteria for entrance. We use to joke that all a student needed to get into our school was a checkbook and a pulse. *** Geee, that's encouraging :/ ***
I know there are schools out there with integrity. I’m just not sure which ones they are. (In my book, I have lists of questions you should be asking these institutions).***note to self, purchase book***

My second point is that the best pastry chefs are good cooks first. *** well, I have a passion for cooking and am quite good at it (semi smile returns)***
It is better for a career to know it all, and then specialize. You are more marketable, more versatile, and more respected if you have a culinary degree, not just a pastry diploma. It’s like going to high school and only taking electives. You won’t get very far. *** and there goes another shot to the heart, culinary school as well as pastry school?!?! seriously??????***

One last thing… *** pondering at this point should I even go on to read, I mean, I'm already struggling to tug my dream from under the boot you smashed it with!!***

As a food service professional, and a parent, I strongly encourage kids to at least get an AA degree, if not a full on BA. If this means a couple years at the local JC, (perhaps while trying out a food service job) it’s totally worth it in the long run. Many, many things change in the future, and no one gets very far, even in food service, without a degree. *** whoa, couple years, and that's not even dedicated to the field! I don't have time to invest like that!!!***

And FYI mom, culinary school ain't cheap. ***no shit!*** And student loans are hard to pay back with a $9/hour bakery job.***what!? I immediately open up as I want to check up on this for self, unfortunately not too helpful*** Be sure to look into that end (also covered in my book).

Sorry to be kind of a downer. ***yeah. thanks.*** It is a problem in our industry, thanks to food TV, that too many of the wrong type are flooding the market. They graduate school, get a job, decide it’s not for them, and then quit. The restaurant is then saddled with more recruitment and training costs, which in turn keeps overall salaries down. We will never raise this industry to the level it deserves unless this stops. So people out there…be sure it’s what you want!!
And that concludes the reply. So I bought her book last night on amazon. I figured, I'd rather be in the truthful know, than the pseudo light. Ill be purchasing a couple other books on working in the culinary field as well. Now, my focus has completely shifted, I want to know. Everything
Before I start school in August. Yes, I'm still planning on attending. Still holding on to that dream. Maybe now, I'll be more prepared for the culinary world.
And initially my bummedoutness has me feeling like I'm doomed, but in the back of my mind I realize how beneficial this knowledge will be to me in the long run.
Yet, still, it is a downer. Yet, still, I want this. I want this. I WANT THIS!

Friday, February 19, 2010


I truly wish there were more
hours in the day.
My mind races with
ten-zillion-billion things
that I want to do,
and I find myself
trying to do them all at once!
My dad always said
"You should of been born with a second pair of arms!"
*giggles* lol
I must agree.
So today on my list of to-do's
that I seem to add
a new "TO-DO"
every hour,
  • catch up on my shows via computer (i just don't have DVR time lately)
  • Finish my last essay question for my school application
  • ♥ BLOG ♥
  • work out on lunch
  • sketch out my business logo
  • order business cards
  • Scan the CD cover in so I can finally add graphics and send to the group

And the list goes on....

I'm so wrapped up in cake right now its ridiculous!

Cake fever?

think so!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mies en place

The literal translation is; everything in order. First rule for any chef or pastry chef. Having everything in order,veggies chopped, liquids and solids measured or accessable, whatever can be pre made or done before the actual preparation should be done.

This i am practicing myself and am teaching my son. He, like i, loves to cook. Sometimes though for myself, I get the urge to bake or cook out the blue and I definately do not prep anything!

I more or less, grab and go. lol

I'm writing this via my phone and its not very cooperative. :)
But my blogging addiction cares less. lol.

Exhilarate, Galvanize, Infuse, Spark...

Yes. I am inspired today. I came across a blog of an aspiring pastry artist like myself and was hooked most of my morning hours. Reading through her experiences and her declaration to stop her current career and pursue her love of food by attending pastry arts school was amazing. I am in admiration. She now has a shop overseas in her home country and seems to be thriving! She's living my dream!

I want so bad to be there already but am even more excited about the process I will go through to get there!
Reading through her entries as she went through school, each week, I imagine myself in that place, learning, baking, indulging!

In the meantime....

I plan.

I'm finding it difficult to work on these scholarship applications. I have been out of the school loop for so long and have dedicated my life to my kids that I'm at a loss for answering some of these questions. Volunteer? Community service, organizations and sports I'm involved in? *laughing* When do I have time for that with 3 boys? So I sit, and stare at the questions taunting me, and I think "Is this what every pastry chef gets involved in?" I ponder what to say. What sounds convincing? Do they really care about my volunteer work over 10 years ago?!? Maybe.

and so....

I continue to rack my brain. Feeling less than proficient due to my lack of activism in my community. I don't feel defeated. I will, I'm sure , find a way through my creative writing to satisfactorily answer these many questions.

In the end, I just want to be a Pastry Artist. Décorateur. L'Art de la Patisserie.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Positive side note...

"You can't have a comeback if you keep your heart focused on your set back, so release yesterday and reach for tomorrow."



I hate pills. Vitamins, diet pills, antibiotics, Tylenol... if it comes in pill form, I hate it. I was prescribed 3 types of pills yesterday to hopefully cure my H. Pylori I've been dealing with for almost 3 years now. I really want to get rid of this nauseating condition but the journey to get there is a long, two week course of 2000 mg of antibiotics and 40mg of ant-acid meds a day. Did I mention I hate taking pills??

So Day one, and I'm over come by nausea from having a high dose in my body all at once. YUK.
I did manage to get to the gym after a 2 month hiatus and hit the treadmill and bike for a good 30 min before nausea took over that too.

I know, it's necessary. I need to clear this up before moving. Blah, blah, blah... Really though, thanks for the concern. I'm just stubborn!

So I'm dreading this evening... of indulging in pill after pill after pill. I think tomorrow, I will split them up, maybe it wont be so rough.

Honestly, no matter what, this sucks!

But on a better note, I got PX90! Bootleg edition! Not that I support that kinda thing but it was given to me! Didn't ask for it! That's the difference! HA!

But I think this weekend I'm going to start on it and attempt to do it every day or at least every week day seeing as how my cakes consume a lot of my time. No excuses though, just making small commitments at a time. :)

See, I'm on my way to a healthier me!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My list of To Do's before I leave Cali...

So I have been thinking, I really do love my home state, California. Especially the Bay Area my home town. It has so much to offer and see and experience. The weather, the diversity... I mean, I'm a San Francisco gal by all means.

From The Embarcadero,Pier 39, Coit Tower, The Mezzanine, China Town, Palace of Fine Arts, Alcatraz, Lombard "The Crookedest Street", The Cliff House, The Presidio, Ocean Beach, Pollyanna's Ice Cream, Market Street shopping, North Beach, Golden Gate Park, Yerba Buena, Treasure Island, The Golden Gate Bridge, Crissy Field, Coyote Point... and the list goes on. (the bold are my most Favorite spots in the Bay Area!)

Realizing this, I want to visit each spot before I leave my great City. So I have chosen to blog my visits, each weekend I'm available to do so, with pictures so not only will I get to experience them again but my kids as well, some spots for the first time!
I see now the things we take advantage of when living in a great City, as I'm sure locals in their own city do the same.

And so begins my list of things I want to do, visit, see before I leave Cali.

On another note, Ill be back on the Chicago job hunt and scholarship writing this week! My goal is to have completed my application essays for the school and to submit them with my app and fees by the end of the month!

Monday, February 15, 2010

St. Valentine

Valentines weekend was like any other. Hectic, tiring and good! My son wrote me the cutest letter and Saturday I didn't sleep due to a cake I had to finish and deliver by 8am Saturday morning! Then after dropping my car off in San Jose to finally get my struts and rear breaks fixed.. I had 5 hours to kill.. it was cold, foggy and I had no idea where to go. Luckily Joann, my friend lived close by and picked us up and we headed to the mall.

Though at this time, I'm a complete zombie and running on fumes! But we kill time, only for me to pick my car up and its still not drivable because the alignment is so horribly off!! But My wonderful mechanic, drove me down the street and pays for my alignment! How awesome is that! Worth the extra 45 min wait. Finally after arriving back home, I crash. Hard!

Sunday was a relaxing day of shopping and movies. Finally bought Julie and Julia!!! Thank you Blockbuster! :)

And today, a holiday for most, I am at work. Pointless easy money. If only I felt better. Maybe Ill go buy a new book today with my coupon from borders! I've been wanting to read Eat Pray Love and I think I'll do just that. Got less than an hour to kill before I head home. I hear its nice out today... figures.

ps. I forgot to mention that I changed my hair color! :) pic to come !

Friday, February 12, 2010

Positively speaking....

Be the most positive person in the room you are in...

A person who says it CANNOT be done should not interrupt the person DOING IT!

Before you know your soulmate, you must first know your soul.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Opportunities are never lost; someone will take the one you miss…

In the time of your life, live. - William Saroyan

Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got. - Janis Joplin

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. - Buddha

And the trouble is, if you dont risk anything, you risk even more. - Erica Jong

If we change within, our outer life will change also. - Jean Shinoda Bolen


Im inspired to write today. Its been a while and Im ready to release!

Reading my friend Justin's Facebook status just now got me thinking... he stated;

Thought through all of this growth I'd find but lost myself again - only to realize that's the point. We're never the same thing twice...

and that got me thinking.

We are like a rose bush. We bud and mature thru the growth process, we bloom into a new beautiful being, and as we do so, as we learn and grow part of us dies. It leaves us and we hope its only the negative and sometimes its goodness too but then we regenerate. A rebirth. We become anew once again. And the thorns on the stems are the trials and tribulations of our life. Pain, suffering, sadness and depression, and yet, the stem between the thorns is smooth and vibrant! When a rose is in full bloom, its like us at our peak at that time in our life. Not at the peak of our life as I believe, we go thru phases and when we reach that peak, everything is great. Lesson learned. Then the road continues and we continue to travel this path called life. Until we bloom again.

I was also thinking how tomorrow is never promised. I read somewhere a long time ago; "why do we hold on to things and save them for a special occasion or for another reason we deem worthy?"

Who's to say that special day will ever come. Whos to say tomorrow will ever come? Realize, Every Day is WORTHY!! I say, dont save anything, use your fine China for dinner every night! Wear that dress just because you want to feel good! Wear your pearls, try something new, pick up a new hobbie, volunteer, write a book, conquer a fear!

Live your life, no one else can do it for you!

Surround yourself with positive. Positive people, vibes, environment. Keeping negativity in your life will only keep you down, hold you back and define you. Remove the negative, and positivity can only surround you. Ofcourse no one can completely remove negativity and I think what remains is necessary to remind you, to push you, to motivate you.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


***Jealousy is reflective of a person's feelings or attitudes toward another person, whereas envy expresses a person's feelings or attitudes toward another person's advantages or accomplishments; jealousy pertains to emotional rivalry while envy is resentment of a more fortunate person***

Im exhausted today. Up til 3am working on a cake and up at 7 to get ready for work. Have to start another tonight. Its a battle of love and hate with making cakes right now. Love all aspects of doing them, hate that I have after work hours, inbetween home life and personal life to complete my creations. Soon Jasara, you will be there soon. *sigh*

I dont understand why people envy. Is that supposed to be a good thing? Ok, maybe to be the one being envied is supposed to be but as a recipient of someone who envy's me, Im not feeling it! Especially when jealousy and attitude are accompanied by it. Cant you be happy for me and my accomplishments and skill? I take pride in my work and love what I do and I cant help that my creations attracts attention. Ahhh, I get it! Attention away from you! Now that makes sense.

Guess thats why I had to cut so many out my life and improve my surroundings with positive, real people. The fake, self centered, no morals or values people I once had in my life, Im so much better off without! Envy that!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Passion. Love.

I love making cakes. So much so that I would probably die from exhausting myself from cake decorating! It is my muse. My love. My passion. I push myself to be bigger and better. I don't think I truly know my own limits. Who needs limits with creativity? If it were only that easy, but I must limit myself (better) so I don't burn out and let my cakes suffer.

So this week, I am pushing limits, beyond limits. I cant help it. Can I?
I have 2 heart shaped red velvet cakes due, a baby shower cake and now another baby shower cake I just changed up cos I found a cake I want to try! I will have little to no sleep this week. That's OK, I can sleep when I'm dead, right? Saturday will be my recoup day. Promise.

Baking cakes is like therapy for me... mental therapy. It definitely has its share of stress, anxiety and frustration! But its all in the challenge! I welcome it and learn from it! Definitely not a life stress. Good stress... if there is such a thing!

Today is a OK day. Nothing big going on, forgot my shoes at home so no work out on lunch for me :( so that means fitting in pilate's tonight. Somehow. If only I had 8 more hours in my day, I could accomplish so much more. Even better idea, wish I didn't have to work then I can bake and decorate and design and blog the day away, then fit all my home duties in at night! Yesss! that is how life should be!

This weekend, Ill start my weight loss regimen. Gotta look good by Vegas baby! And I'm on this get healthy by Chicago kick as well... more so because I have insurance now! haha, but really, at 30 I need to be healthier, I have a lot of life to live!

I've also found that I love blogging, some days I want to blog two and three times a day! Control it woman! :) 'til next time!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend, Special

I had a short and exhausting weekend. Fun none the less. Headed north to Sacramento to familys house to watch the Superbowl. Saints won! Yuup yup! below is a Pic of the shirt I made!

sorry COLTS! :D

Over the weekend I finished a cake I had due which turned out awesome. I was happy with the result, even thought it kept me up til 6am! The price we pay for perfection! On my way to delivering the cake I snapped a few pics, the view of the sky and clouds was amazing to me!
I love the second pic!!! Beautiful color, sun behind the clouds.. just amazing! I hope Chicago has a sky like Cali :) .

This is going to be a busy week for me! 3 cakes and a order of cupcakes for work! Aye carumba! I love my life!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Time of change

Everything in life is changing. My plans for the future. Myself. My job.

I have been cleaning my desk out over the past couple of days after a feeling overcame me that things are going to get bad here and soon. I already dont want to be here, as my department is horrible. The job itself it ok, but the management is horrible. We are expanding today and they are moving a few of my coworkers to different areas. Amist all the movers and IT guys and my supervisor and manager scramming around, the feel of this place is gloom and doom. Everyone feels it. Unfortunately during these bad econimic times, we must hold on to even the most crappiest job.

Im just lucky Ill be out of here in 6 months.

So much will change then as well, a new State, City, Neighborhood, way of life. Everyone will have to adjust and learn to make it home. I welcome the challange and look forward to new beginnings, in this time of change.

Speaking of change, I for the first time used my KitchenAid Professional 600 Standing mixer last night. Sitting on my counter since Christmas, It taunted me every day,each cake, with its ability. I have been using a hand mixer since I was 6 and as much as I wanted this mixer, I realized I was afraid of it.
Silly as it sounds, Im not used to relying on anyone or anything to to the job for me. Yet this machine does it all! I took some not so good pics with my camera phone to notate the grand event! Dont think ill post em unless I can figure out how to make fresh out the shower, makeup free, hair a mess look good!

Change is good!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

I dont know why but Im pretty happy today! despite getting up an extra hour early and sitting through a staff meeting for an hour and a half, I feel great! Since I've made up my mind to move to Chicago, I have more good days than not. That only supports my belief that the decision I made is the right decision. It feels good in my heart and so far, everything is falling into place.

No Complaints! Im blessed!

Ive been busy with Cakes as usual, wasnt to thrilled with the last minute order I delivered yesterday, but what can you expect when they order 2 days before they want it and have no real idea of what they want it to look like? Oh well, they loved it and Im glad its done! Next cake; Fosters Beer can! This one im quite excited about!

Superbowl weekend is this weekend and we are making T-Shirts for the Saints! WHO DAT!? Heading to Sacramento to hang with family we havent seen in quite a while. It will be a good get away, to say the least. Im hoping to hook up wit a few of my old co-workers out there and have some drinks and catch up! It will be nice to be around good people again!

I need to try out this new French book and CD I got sometime this weekend.. oh, yeah, I'm also trying to learn french! Energerzier bunny should be my nick name! I dont ever stop!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Slow progress

After a 3 day weekend, and missing 2 days of work last week.. I am back on track. I hope. Back to rebuilding my PTO and looking forward to my next get away! VEGAS baby! a month and a half away but I keep busy as always so it wont be a problem .

Seeing as my extra time needs to be devoted to writing essays, I have invested in a netbook! Acer Aspire One.. im quite excited since my laptop is a craptop now. (Thanks Kiddos!! mama loves you! lol) I needed something to write these essays on and access my email and internet so instead of my Mac, I got this to hold me over until then. Now im not so eager to buy a mac but will save up to get my car fixed then focus on the mac. Slow progression. Frustrating and rewarding all at once.

But with my extra day off I did do an entire house cleaning, 7 loads of laundry including all bedding and throws and pillows. My bathroom is sparkling now! Love it! lol love a clean house. I am like OCD when it comes to cleaning... I cant rest or work in a messy house. I started a last minute cake order and am stuck on the design. I have today to figure out what I want it to look like and sketch it up. Stress? Nah, just another day in the life! lol

Ill be starting my next cake tomorrow or Thursday.. havent decided. It will be a Beer Can! Fosters! I hope it will come out good! Im always skeptical of my work but I think it makes great work!

On another note, Im trying to push water and dieting. I hate that word but with the genes my family has blessed me with, im at great risk for obesity and other conditions that I do not want. I know im not in the greatest of shape.. ok I'm completely out of shape and over weight but Im determined! Hoping by Vegas im down 15lbs. We shall see. Slow progress...