Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What a day!

Again.. im soooo busy. no time for anything!
disappointed that the fundraiser cake i worked on was canceled the day it was due (yesterday)
My Co-workers are quite happy tho.. Chocolate cake heaven.
Now im going back and forth with another customer who doesnt want to pay and wants to cut corners for a cheap cake but I really dont think she realizes the time and effort and cost that go into my cakes... and so Im raising my prices. Talk about frustrating.
On top of that, she wants it Sunday and if we dont agree on something today, it might not happen!
Im also trying to figure out school and what way to go with it.
looking into apprenticeships at local bakeries.
Still have to sketch out the next two cakes due...
working while searching things on google and Cake Central...
checking emails and I still have to send emails out.
Oh did I mention I havent eaten but a banana today?!
Fumes.. running on fumes.
Why cant a day consist of 48 hours? 8 to work, 8 to sleep and the rest to handle all the To Do's in life!
Oh well, all I can do is focus on now. What can I do NOW?
And thats it. :)
I got the sweetest card from one of the teachers from Educator Appreciation Week! Pic to come!
Hoping everyones mid week is movin along!
X's and O's

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Catching up..

Finally, I am.
Today is busy busy...
work and blog and downloading pics
and updating my website
and sketching my next cake
and FB'ing and texting
all while working
I never stop!
So I will be rushing to finish this cake im donating to the
KlaasKids Foundation
for the Child Abuse and Prevention Dinner
that will be held tomorrow in Sacramento.
April by the way is Child Abuse and Prevention Month!
I have decided to merge my blogs back together as having 4 blogs is way to much work
right now for me.
So this will be my complete journey :)
my business blog will remain separate as well as my photo blog.
Which btw, hasnt been really updated but thats ok!
I also got two orders for cupcakes and cakes for this weekend and next week.
*crazy excited!!!*
I feel so overwhelmed tho
my days taken by work
nights by cake and family
mostly cake
weekends by delivery
and resting
if I can between kids and the park
or errands
grocery shopping
and typical routine home jobs
I must admit...
creates frustration
and I become
the not so happy camper.
er, um
I have been thinking tho...
since artist have an art studio
and men have man caves
and home mechanics have garages
and business men have dens
cant I have a Bakers Haven?
I lil kitchen room
separate from the house
completely furnished with top of the line
stoves and ovens and mixers
cooling rooms and refrigerators
freezers and storage space
industrial sinks and extra wide and long counters
a fondant roller and a edible printer?
is that too much to ask?

Slacking.... Update time!

I began to post to my blog yesterday but I once again was trying to do too much and so I am behind! OUCH!

Now I shall catch up and finish my posting from yesterday!

Fundraiser was a success. But come Friday, I was beyond exhausted and could only manage to function enough to work. Barely keep my eyes open. Only to remember my son had a performance that night so I didnt get home til 9pm!

Then ofcourse, I couldnt sleep. Forcing myself into bed at 11 because I knew I had to be up early to tour the culinary school the next day. Which I did.
Saturday morning, I woke, showered, even colored my hair (yes, Im a DIY-er to the fullest!) and left to Campbell to get a tour of the Professional Culinary Institute. When I initially found this school online, the website didnt have much information as all of the other culinary schools had. So i was a little unsure about what they may be hiding! (lol why not tell all, sell yourself to me by giving me all the info!?!?)
I arrived 10 minutes early, feeling great and hopeful. The facility was nice, contradicting because it sat above a Golds gym! haha, feeling fat anyone?!?! The school took up one floor of the building, with 6 kitchens.. tho i was not impressed that two students shared a station each... the equipment was nice as were the demo classrooms...
We sat in a presentation with pastries and beverages made by the students. I didnt have any but they looked yummy. They then began to talk about the school, had a previous student speaker, talked about finances then sent us off to the Demo for the specialty we were interested in. Me, obviously, baking and pastry... expecting to see a yummie ice cream or pastry, or gelato, or creme brulee... we walk into a demo kitchen with glasses filled with chocolate mousse.

Not impressed.
So our french instructor Alex, quite the character, talks about this mousse he is going to create for us. Belgian Chocolate and heavy whipping cream.
Thats is?? really? ok i guess...
Im trying to not compare it to the French Pastry School in Chicago where we were served up
Lavender, Honey, and Lemon Madeline's , Mango Sorbet and a plated dessert with the pineapple, sorbet, Madeline, and a coconut basil emulsion and soaked basil seeds.
(ok, maybe I am!!!)
now.. im no master pastry chef but.............

anyway.. ( :/ )
Mousse was ok. nothing spectacular. Tho maybe it was supposed to be??? if so does that mean I dont have a mature palate? haha...
I watched as students in the Hobby classes made cakes and what looked like loins of pork in two different classrooms... not impressed by that either.. idk.. maybe I was being judgemental but
I do know that when I left the school in Chicago.. i had this amazing feeling of YESSS, this is where Im supposed to be! A perfect fit!
and when I left this school in Campbell, it was like.. eeehhhh, if its my only option.. i guess i can settle.
So below is the info i gathered from the school along with pics....

and Oh btw, sunday was lazy day. Errands for the week and cake decorations. :)

The Professional Culinary Institute - 700 W. Hamilton Ave Suite 300 Campbell, CA
Baking and pastry course is taught with western European fundamentals - modernized
Practice the Artisense method - listen/watch/replicate apprentice style of training/mentoring
Course runs 600 hours 240 hour externship may be started half way thru course if teacher deems you are ready.
New course will run off a quarter system consisting of 11 weeks of instruction with a 1 week break.
Application fee is $75 and you will be required to take an entrance exam to prove you have knowledge to the 12th grade along with 2 letters of recommendation from persons outside of family members.
They offer morning, afternoon and evening classes.
The evening classes are held on Mon, Tue and Wed evening and course completion is within 10 months. There is also a 2 month paid externship.

Total cost for the Baking and Pastry art program is $26,436
Break down: $75 app fee, $876 Student Kit, $1225 Lab fee, and $24,200 Tuition
They do not qualify as a level 4 school so FAFSA is not accepted.
Sallie Mae loans and monthly payments are how one will pay.
discount if you pay in full before you start.

They do allow you to audit a class(sit in and observe)

So theres a lot more drawbacks than bonuses here for me.

Mucho Mousses

Chef Alex

Writing Demo

Chocolate Mousse fineto

Hobby Class

One of chef Alex's creations at the front entrance

Thursday, March 25, 2010

SLEEP!!! and great blogs!

Funny how going to bed late for nights in a row (and look like this!)

then one night hitting the sheets 1 hour early makes you feel like you slept twice as long the next day!

Thats me right now, today I feel GREAT! lol

Since the fundraiser I have been hitting the pillow

anywhere from 12 midnight to 1am...

when normall I was on a *SWEEEET*

schedule of 1030ish

then last night.. I crawled in the bed

at 11...

**aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh** (angelic voice)

I wake up refreshed!

Im sure come 5 o'clock

my body will notice the joke I played on it!

Today is a good day tho!

Not movin as quickly as I'd like but i only have decorations to

finish tonight! AOOHOO! Yess!

Pics to come as well!

Also got all the GC's for the teachers

so I'm excited and set!


Thought today I'd mention all the GREAT blogs I'm following

the ones I cant seem to get enough of!

as so without further ado...

**Blogs of Worthy-Wonderfulness**

First Molly Yeh... I love her blog.

She is funny and witty and beautiful and a foodie!

check her out HERE! (yellow/brown to honor her love of mustard & Nutella!)

Next Meghan, I adore this blog!

She's from (my 2nd home)Chicago, loves cupcakes,

like me she loves any and everything NYC!

and also like me she's (almost!) 30!

Meghan's blog can be found here!

Amanda has a fun blog with daily posts!

She is a teacher & writer (i write too!),

has a great heart and lots of determination!

I positively adore this blog!

Click HERE to catch up with Amanda!

I recently stumbled upon Maki's blog

and I'm soooo happy I did!

She is an amazingly artistic mama!

I love her photographs!

(esp the older family shots! kiddos are adorable!)

Check out Maki and her photo's HERE!

(ps. Maki have u joined or follow :) ?!?)

One look at Chelsea and you cant help but smile!

Her blog is fun, cheerful and totally rocks!

And like I, she has a deep rooted passion for baking!

oh and the French!

my fellow lover of baking is Here!

One of the first blogs I started following

was Alicia's!

She's a Brooklynite who has a passion for pictures

and love for her City (I love NY too, cant wait to get back!)

Check out this Fabulous blog Here!

Lauren! Amazing blog.

Amazing woman!

Lover of her dog Marley and husband Craig

and even has a cool wedding ring tattoo!

She, like I use to many ellipses (....) and is Cali born!

Get Lauren's blog Here!

These are just a few of the great blogs that I follow on a daily!

I have many more but right now...

I heart these!!

X's and O's

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Always felt awkward sayin hump day! lol I don't know why... maybe because the little kid in me **giggles** when i think of "humping"!!!

Must admit.. Baking every single night since Sunday
with a full time job already
is exhausting.
These are the times when I wish
Baking WAS my job.

oh well, soon.
keep tellin myself that.

But I did realize last night
into my 3rd hour of
Mixing, pouring, icing, decorating...
that I wouldn't want to be doing anything else in my spare time
other than having some mommy time.

So I ended the fundraiser successfully!
didn't sell any today because someone ordered
3 dozen!

Today i feel like it should be Thursday.
Is this week draggin or WHAT!
At least work is steady and slow.
My mental has calmed down and
the sun came out today!

So a Happy Hump Day to all!
Here are the pics I promised!

Part of the first Batch.

The Chocolaty Chocolates!
The Naked Velvet

Velvety Red

(my fav! yum!!!)

X's and O's... Jasara

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

today was a good/chaotic day...

Because it flew by... again my mind is scrambling with the million things I want/need to do.
I feel like my mind and my internal body are going a million miles a minute, yet my outer body is on s-l-o-w m-o...
Breathe. Clear my mind. Calm.
I'm trying.
So second batch of cupcakes sold in 4 hours! all 46! Happy about that!
Looks like ill be exceeding my goal. Woo Hoo!
Tonight, bake another batch, last and final one and decide on the cake and when and how to deliver!
Today was just a chaotic day. lol i cant even place it! Is it Friday yet??!?!?!?!
Gotta workout tonight.. skipped today so I could help a coworker prep for her interview.
**Best of Luck to her!**
So tonight.. cupcakes, workout and hopefully to bed before 12:30!
Oh and I promised pics.. next post.. promise! hehe!
X's and O's

Monday, March 22, 2010

Lazy weekend dayz...

Weekend was good, despite the fact that I still have no wi-fi... i could post on my laptop hooked up to the Internet but I hate that thing! My stubbornness doesn't allow it!
It was a lazy weekend.. cleaned then bummed it Saturday.. sketched the AIW cake which is turning out totally awesome!!!! Actually made me a drink! Had a Strawberry Daiquiri and it gave me a killer headache that I woke to still on Sunday! So i slept in to sleep it away.. and it worked!
Sunday... another lazy day... hit up the park with the kiddos, read as I laid out in the sun which felt sooooooooooooo Gooooooooooooooooood!
**hello sun, I have missed you!**
Bakes a ton of cupcakes for the fundraiser and crashed waay to late for my taste.
sure makes me feel old, damn!
but I realize rest is a vital part of staying healthy,
I dont mind hittin the sheets earlier than i did when I was 20..
back then, it was all about the drinks, the club and the parties!
Still like to party, just on a classier scale :)
Today went by pretty quickly! Didn't log into my blog til after lunch!
Sheesh! Time flies when your having fun.
or working and selling cupcakes!
Oh and im down 12 pounds!
more baking tonight.. Red Velvets are a super hit!
And still loving the sunshiny days!
X's and O's

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Friday!

I must say, for us worker bees Friday seems to be the best day of the week!
Funny because we still have to work!
Maybe its because we know the weekend is upon us
that we can relax, truly relax in the evening
for those night clubbers; dancing and drinks!
whatever the reason, Fridays always seem to be good!
And with the past 2 days I've had at work,
Friday could not have come sooner!
I cant say it enough,
I love the sunny days!
It definitely releases the rainy day blues and
depressing cabin fever from the fall/winter season.
So this weekend's plans are:
*clean off the patio
*clean out my car
*bake bake and bake some more for the fundraiser
*help a friend move
*head out to a park or marina
*sketch out a cake and some cake decorations
1 more week til I visit the school and I'm pretty
excited and anxious about it.
But lately I must admit
my mind has been on Chicago.
The dream is still there :)
One way or another, I'm going to make it happen!
Happy Friday Everyone!
X's and O's

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunshine Days...

Chase the blues away.... right?
Well, so they say.
No blues today just a rough day at the job.
one day soon... I shall be long gone from here
doing what I love...
Loving what i do
todays agenda: Lists.
I feel quite scatter brained lately
and realized I need to get my thoughts in order.
So instead of starting 5 million things at once
and finishing 2 (im notorious for that)
I am listing everything I need to do
or need done.
Im good at that.
Feel a bit better now.. tho still have more to jot down.
and still want to create a book list.
Speaking of books... this book im reading is rockin my world!
Missed my workout today so Im going to get busy this evening.
Im diggin the stability ball!
Keepin it short and sweet today.
Enjoy the wonderful sun everyone!
Smile and relish in the warmth of the moment!
x's & o's

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Calling all Galway Gals!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Yes, I am part Irish!
I enjoy a Heineken every now and then;
Irish car bombs too;
Corned beef and Cabbage
Red potatoes in Irish stew!
Who can forget
a Jamison Night Cap?
And Irish Cream for our coffee
and we're set!
ok, a lil quick rhyme I wrote but seriously
I would love to visit Ireland one day!
Rolling hills of green
sheep and boats...
If it wasn't the middle of the week
I'd probably be thrown down on sum Irish grub tonight!
But, its ok! Potluck at work today
and there's a ton of food.
Most of which I wont eat.
Ready to get back in the gym this afternoon too!
Working out is such a stress reliever!
I'm also holding a fundraiser for the Teachers Appreciation Week coming up
hoping I can get some donations but its not looking great.
I know times are hard but even if everyone donated a dollar
from my FB friends alone I'd have well over
100 bucks to give...
**fingers crossed**
Ill be happy to collect $50 bucks...
Today is a good day! The sun is out, Spring is near and
I'm closer to my dream!
Happy St. Pat's everyone!
X's and O's

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

back to normal??

I swear... vacations and breaks and extended weekends throw me off track completely!

Back to work after a 5 day mini vaca and Im still trying

to figure out...

Why am I here again?

Do I really have to work?


Anyway, Im not writing in green because Im feeling ill

Im writing in green because it reminds me of *SPRING*

Which by the way officially starts Saturday!

I have missed blogging! Still no wi-Fi in mi Casa

but im workin on it

(damn comcast!)

So I was going to blog about the rest of my Reno trip

but, I think the majority of it

needs to stay in the past! lol

lets just say, Jager on "Empty"...

nuff said!

But I have been doing a lot of thinking,




I think I have a new plan.

tho i hate calling it a plan, so ill say

options :)

Im really interested in this new school I've come across

and am thinking....

of how to tweak Chicago and Campbell

and make em work in this economy.

More to come on that in my Pastry Journey Blog :)

So for now, Im trying to Spring Forward.. still lol.

get back on my workout routine and eating right routine

regain focus on self, family and living.

AND most exciting I began reading one of my top listed books!

Im all smiles with it too!

Ever get a book and just KNOW its going to change your life??

yeah... thats what this book feels like

Im still dabbing in my "idiots guide to becoming a successful chef as well"

but I think with the clarification I have in my own mental,

Im back to feeling good bout everything.


So lunch is almost here, work has slowed down so I think

ill take some of this slow time and read up!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Night one in Reno was interesting to say the least! My first drink in months! Thank God I didnt get drunk!! Had a nice cool buzz most of the evening...

The ride up... a total different story... Rained from the moment I left... then as we approached the Donner Summit, it began to snow... had to pull over and pay a nice chunk of change to get chains so we could ride 30 mph through the slick and snowy roads... just as we are coming out of the summit, SPIN OUT! omg I was so scared! luckily, no one hit us and we just missed the side rail! After being on the road for 6 1/2 hrs... we made it!

We ended up at this club called Aura.. which was cool.. earlier everyone but me gambled since Im in no why shape or form a gambler... so what did i do... drink! lol
Club was cool... it was snowing out and all was right in the night!

Sorry to rush this entry as they are all ready to go and Im sitting here holding everyone up!

Will post more details of todays ventures later this evening as we get ready for another night out in Reno!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Im just full of emotions today!

Good thing I have many blogs for my many emotions!

Today started out dragging, I was soooo tired from no sleep. But, cake must be baked.

By the time work came, I was good. Sun shining, clear skies, beautiful day!

Then lunch happened. I'll leave it at that, there's no point in details at this time.

But now, 18 minutes left in the work day, I'm feeling good again. Stress free, happy, eager and ready to start my 4 day weekend!
Got a cake to finish tonight if not tomorrow... pack, clean, relax....

Reno this weekend.. Hopefully Ill post a blog or two!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Coffee... where for art thou Coffee?

I woke up today totally missing Coffee! Didn't help that the smell from the pot brewing in the kitchen lingered into my bedroom!
Not that I'm Catholic but I gave up Coffee for Lent.
I am spiritual and thought that giving up an indulgent
and using it as a time for prayer or meditation when in times of
craving was a good thing.
And so tomorrow marks day 21, 3 weeks from Ash Wednesday.
I was o.k. until today.
3 weeks, 1 day to go...
is that bad that im counting?!
On another note, I had a talk with a friend last night
who's given me some good advice
about school and the move and all
I'm glad we spoke.
He's a great guy with allot of wisdom.
I'm at peace right now, letting what ever happen
with this move, my goals and dreams
f a l l
into place.
I'm more stressed about this transformer bumblebee cake
I have due Thursday.
Its a shame I haven't even started it!
I tried to sketch it out last night but
there are
many many many
many many
Aye dios mio!
Please pray for me!
I swear I should be grey now from all the stress of
I'll be sure to post a pic in the Slice of Delight blog for all to see!
So if your not following that blog, do so now!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The little things

I have to say... Mondays suck! But there are a few little things that make me smile and ease the blues out of a typical Monday..

And they are

** Good Morning Text messages!**

** Reading Molly's blog **

** Blogging **

** Making lunches for the boys **

Simple things in life make me happy! OH and the fact that I have a short work week, yeah, that's just a BONUS! *hehe*

So this past weekend was pretty laid back. Ran sum errands, went to my friends new beauty shop like 30 min away to finally get my good shampoo and other products that I've missed so much since the last place closed! Went to the store then back home n chilled...
My dad has been sick with this yucky head and chest cold and so I wanted to make him something yummy and feel good in hopes that he would finally recover after having this cold thingy for a week.

After much debate and some advice from a friend, I went with my original plan of *****OXTAILS!***

Now mind you, I have never eatin let alone seen an oxtail before but apparently my mother has made these for him in the past and as a California southern boy, he loves them. But I knew it had been a while since she made him any. My original thought was Chicken Soup, perfect for a cold I know but if you know me.. im soo off the norm.

So Oxtails it was.

After some recipe research, I decided on a Caribbean inspired recipe and took from about 2 or 3 different recipes what I liked, and what I had on hand and began cookin.

Wish I started earlier in the day as they take a few hours to simmer but after about 4 1/2 hours they were done!

Ok so not very appealing in the pot but I had my mom make rice and you serve them over rice and i tasted a bit before I left to deliver the goods and YUM o YUM they were goooood! Spicy but not overwhelming, rich and flavorful, beefy and just plain goodness! I hope my dad enjoyed them and if they didn't shake his cold, I know he felt good from all the love that was poured into this dish!


Sunday was my lazy day. As much as I wanted to get done and get motivated to do... I just couldn't. I didn't even put make-up on!

I took a shower, finally shampooed my hair with the good stuff (btw, my hair smells WUUUUN-DAH-FUL now! Thx NIKKI!! xoxo)

grabbed my sketch book, reading book and french book and ended up laid out on the couch with them all sitting next to me! *lol*

I didn't move until half way through the Academy Awards when I realized I was starving!! Got up and went to get some Chinese n came back to grub, finish the awards, watch Barbara Walters last special and crashed in the bed only to fall asleep an hour later from a pounding headache...

What a weekend, huh!

Thus begins yet another work week, Cake start up again this week and another weekend get away!


Friday, March 5, 2010


I've been in a kind of blah state.
Not really into much, just
I think that this whole shift in life's grand plan has me rotating off my axis. Then again, maybe its because I have no cake orders until next week. :)
Either way, I'm ready to be focused and determined again.
BUSY again! And work ain't cutting it!
I've come to realize that blogging bout me is almost impossible without cake! *lol*
We are as one after all but I think I can focus on more of the me life and where I'm at in other ways as well as my future endeavors.
So this weekend, is my last weekend for a few weekends of relaxation, no cakes, nothing to do.
If it was supposed to rain this weekend I'd head out to the Marina.
I love the water. The ocean especially since I grew up in San Francisco.
Weekend trips to the pacific ocean were some of the greatest times!
Then getting ice cream at Pollyanna's! I was in kid heaven! I always got bubble gum!
Sitting here in my last 28 minutes of the work week thinking **what shall I do tonight** and come up with a whole bunch of nothing and realizing I am such a HOME BODY NOW!
**uughh* is that what happens after 30?!
Well I know my list of real friends has been severely cut over the past year and most of
the ones who were spared my blade are too far or busy for a girls night or
So, I guess I'll *warning nerd notation approaching* READ and
get a bottle of something and chillax this weekend.
*end of nerd notation*
Maybe I'll go see Alice in Wonderland.
Hopefully I can get my wireless going this weekend, Comcast is B.S'in and I'm running out of patience with them! T-Mobile for that matter as well..
Hope all have a lovely weekend this weekend if I don't get around to posting!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My extended Blog

I'm at it again! I swear, me and cake should be married! We are soul mates!
Ive come across so much new information on organizations and local venues and magazines and blogs (thanks Proova!! my new Pastry friend!!) that I think I will add an extension to my blog specifically for my Love of the Art!
This will remain my main blog, about me, my journey, my struggles and triumphs but my Pastry love will be fed into a separate blog, and I'm sure, they will cross paths here and there!
So stay on the look out for my new blog, a more detailed look into my world of pastry, confections and CAKE!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A shift in thought

Lots on my mind these days. Never thought that anything could make me change my mind about Chicago, but... never say never right?
I'll continue to read and enlighten myself
on all aspects of the Pastry Art field.
With the thought of a possibility
of an opportunity
that may present itself
Who woulda thunk it!?
I honestly don't know what to do! Excitement overcomes me when I think of Chicago, the move, the school, the opportunity...
and yet...
This new conception has
almost brought me equal elation
with just the thought.
on another note, no more meds after today!
Gonna sketch tonight,
read up some more and call Comcast and find out what the hell
happened to my router!!! I need wireless darrmit!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Winter Weekend

Guess I can still offically call it winter since it was in February! Here are a few pics of my Tahoe weekend!
I had a blast and cant wait to go back, maybe next time Ill get to snowboard!

The three story townhouse we rented!

My name written on the pier at the lake

On the pier looking back at the townhouses

View from the porch

Its Snowing!!!

Driving down from Heavenly


Evan had a great time despite his cold feet!

Dru had a blast!

Tyler tryin to sled-ski! It was hilarious!

My snow Chick!

Me n my snow Chick!

Sun setting on Lake Tahoe

Monday, March 1, 2010


Today is simply blah. Going from fun and excitement to work just drains out any remnants of good times from my system. But, it must be done.
Getting started on planning this cake for my niece! Alice in Wonderland! I cant wait to see the movie and get some motivation for the cake! I imagine it being Topsy and turvy and whimsical and fun and colorful and BIG!
I just hope I plan it out and scale it right!
As far as my plans... still not sure where I'm at
or what I'm feeling about this
move, school and what not.
Its crossed my mind more than not
about the what if's...
What if... I stayed here and grew my business?
What if... I found a school local enough to do and still keep my job?
What if... I just took some classes and built from there?
What if... this move isn't the best move right now?
What if... I don't move and miss out on an opportunity I don't know is there?
What if... the book was wrong and I can become successful in Chicago?
What if... a great opportunity presents itself in Cali?
What if... I don't make the right decision, for me or my family?
So many "what if's"
So I have resorted to
just not thinking
about school
the move
For now anyways. I think I needed this mental break.
I've been so focused and stressed off applications
and scholarships and grants and relocation,
that my brain is overloaded.
Shut down.
Fresh start, clear and open mind.
Ooooooh yes, another thing, I have come across a couple books I want to buy aside from
Eat, Pray, Love (which is next on my list!)
But the books are written by Eckhart Tolle; A new Earth and Power of Now
I may even bump A New Earth up because I hear
its a GREAT read!
hmmmmm, think I need a book list! :)