Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So, I think I want to blog...

because I have so much to say and I have alot going through my head ... why not? right?
hmmm, well I guess this will be my test as I have a poetry blog, a business blog and a soon to come Instructional food prep blog.
So, who am I. I am Jasara. 30 years old, mother of three, Radiology scheduler, amature baker who is aspiring to become a Master Cake Decorator.... *sigh*... married to a failing marriage, daughter, sister and aunt. Amongst other things.
Im just finding self recently.. the process started 4 yrs ago... I laugh thinking about that. Man four years is a long time but I guess when you are already in a life created, its a small fraction of time. Anyway, 4 years ago I knew something had to change and if it didnt, mysery would follow me all the days of my life. I was in a bad situation with my husband, family life was only picture perfect to the outside world. No one knew what life was like nor had been like for the past 9 years. Not that details are necessary now but lets just say, it was time for change and change in self was where it had to start. it was a slow process in the beginning. Doubting, wondering, stressing, but I only grew stronger thru each month, each year and now I feel I am finally in control of my life. For once. So 2010, you are mine! Documenting my Journey into self, into a new career, into a new me! Im excited for me! Arent you? :)

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