Thursday, January 28, 2010

Moving on...

Wow. Two weeks since Ive posted.. but I have been so distracted. Im so hyped about this move to Chicago, and the fact that Ill be starting school and living out my dream.. ahhhhh! Got to love it! I have completed my FAFSA and have gotten an estimated approval amount which for this first program will leave me with a $3200 balance to cover. So I have been on my scholarship hunt and applying like crazy.

At 30, I feel so lost in the process! I am grateful for my financial aid counselor and her patience! Good thing im learning all this now, my oldest has 2 more years left of high school!

So I will be attending The French Pastry School (City Colleges of Chicago - Kennedy-King Campus). The L'Art de la Patisserie Program is 24 weeks and $22,000 and the L'Art du Gateau is 6 weeks and $16,000. That is the program ill be starting with. Then Ill move on to the main program. Not only will I be going to school for something I love, but in a city I love as well!

Count down T-minus 6 mo 2 days and counting!

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