Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Slow progress

After a 3 day weekend, and missing 2 days of work last week.. I am back on track. I hope. Back to rebuilding my PTO and looking forward to my next get away! VEGAS baby! a month and a half away but I keep busy as always so it wont be a problem .

Seeing as my extra time needs to be devoted to writing essays, I have invested in a netbook! Acer Aspire One.. im quite excited since my laptop is a craptop now. (Thanks Kiddos!! mama loves you! lol) I needed something to write these essays on and access my email and internet so instead of my Mac, I got this to hold me over until then. Now im not so eager to buy a mac but will save up to get my car fixed then focus on the mac. Slow progression. Frustrating and rewarding all at once.

But with my extra day off I did do an entire house cleaning, 7 loads of laundry including all bedding and throws and pillows. My bathroom is sparkling now! Love it! lol love a clean house. I am like OCD when it comes to cleaning... I cant rest or work in a messy house. I started a last minute cake order and am stuck on the design. I have today to figure out what I want it to look like and sketch it up. Stress? Nah, just another day in the life! lol

Ill be starting my next cake tomorrow or Thursday.. havent decided. It will be a Beer Can! Fosters! I hope it will come out good! Im always skeptical of my work but I think it makes great work!

On another note, Im trying to push water and dieting. I hate that word but with the genes my family has blessed me with, im at great risk for obesity and other conditions that I do not want. I know im not in the greatest of shape.. ok I'm completely out of shape and over weight but Im determined! Hoping by Vegas im down 15lbs. We shall see. Slow progress...

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