Thursday, May 20, 2010

Experimenting with new recipes...

Is good and bad all at the same time! Good because I can expand palates, create yummy masterpieces and indulge in ooey gooey goodness... Bad because I can indulge in ooey gooey goodness! lol Trying to loose weight and get into shape while sampling sweets basically can be pointless. I am trying to be careful and mindful of how much i taste... *smirk* but it definitely helps that I have taste testers to confirm, critique and indulge with me!

This week, I'm tackling Peanut Butter Cup-Cakes and Salted Caramel Cupcakes.
I didn't have the right salt for the Salted Caramel but the kosher salt gave a decent impression of what its supposed to taste like. I think I will make the frosting a bit more camramely and use a less chocolaty cake.. maybe a milk chocolate vs. the chocolate fudge recipe I used. oooh,maybe put caramel bits in the cake itself..or a caramel gooey center! hmmm so many options.
The Peanut Butter Cup-Cakes are the same chocolate fudge cake with a peanut butter frosting and a drizzle of chocolate ganache and sprinkled with salted chopped peanuts. My first attempt wasn't so great, used the peanut butter chips to melt inside, didn't melt and got hard once cooled, melted the chips with a little heavy cream and butter to make a ganache like frosting and it was good but I couldnt use too much because it was so rich (pic below). But the final recipe...OH man, talk about eating a Reese's peanut butter cup in the cake version! It was perfect! Oh YUMMMMM!

Here are some pics below of the final creations :)

***Oh andSPECIAL thanks to my brothers girlfriend (sista/future sista in law/the bestest) BEVERLY for hookin up the AWESOME new apron!!CUPCAKES, how appropriate!!!

rockin da cupcapron ;)

love my kitchen aid

blurry baker

gotta scrape the sides down

chocolaty yumminess!

1st try at Peanut Butter Cup-Cake

and the inside...

see how the chips sank to the bottom :/

second attempt with PB frosting, chocolate ganache
and salted peanuts!!

salted caramel cupcake with caramel drizzle and kosher salt

Trio for the week!
Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter Cup-Cake and Red Velvet

And check back tomorrow for a special Guest Post!!!

X's and Sweet O's



Meghan said...

Oh wow! They look delish! And you look sassy with that red Kitchenaid! Love it!

Jasara said...

lol Thx Meghan!!!

shin said...

u ALWAYS make me hungry with ur fine ass baking/cooking self. haha.