Friday, May 28, 2010

just a quick note

since i know i have been MIA.
I believe i said before that my job has restricted access to blogger.. totally sucks.
I am training new hires at work so no net book time.
Im also taking an online social break from everything it seems... twitter, fb, IM, texting, blogger...
sometimes, its necessary to remove ones self from the social scene realm and bring ones mental back into
the physical reality...
and I dearly miss you, my lovely blog, but when life becomes chaotic, one must regain the sanity before it leaves completely.

So im here, yet im not "here".

I've also been getting daily severe migraines every evening and they basically wipe me out. Not sure what has triggered these but im ready to call the docs and run some tests or something esp when the meds dont touch the pain. :(

Ive also found that my cousin has lost her baby and right now, im surrounded by lots of pregnant people. co workers, half of my cousins, friends, online friends... so its pretty  heart breaking when someone close has been told there is no heartbeat in a much anticipated blessing.

And what is up with this weather?!?! I dont know about everyone else in blogger land but we have rain every week, and cool sunny days on weekends.. today, thunder showers. Is mother nature bipolar? Did she forget to take her meds? Did someone cancel summer and I missed the news flash?!?! Seriously, Im ready for hot, summer days. please!

I am looking forward to this weekend tho, supposed to be nice, up to the 80's by mid next week, and I'm bbq'ing with family and friends at a lake far enough to be away from home but close enough to not have to pack like it. I will def blog about this weekend! :)

Wishing all my fellow bloggers well,

X's and O's



Maki said...

I totally had a blogger meltdown last year that I barely posted. I think it's necessary sometimes that social networking or blogging to take the backseat cuz there are other things that important in life, ya know??

Have a fabulous Memorail weekend!!!

shin said...

miss u, j ^_^

Meghan said...

Aww, lady! I hope you are feeling better soon. I totally understand the need for a break! Thinking of you!

Jasara said...

Thanks everyone! i think ill be back to blogging soon! Miss you all but im still reading your blogs! <3

KitKat AKA Katz said...

The only time I blog, tweet and facebook nowadays is at work because I feel that time home is too valuable to spend in the virtual world. At work in the other hand, very productive. I hate my job and we have no supervision there so I blog, tweet and fb between job duties.

Have a happy break!

Jasara said...

@Katz i so agree! same here! they had me blocked but now the site is free! hopefully it stays that way! :)