Monday, May 17, 2010

Miscellany Monday

This is my firs time participating in this and I should have done sooner because I love Carissa's Blog!
She is a wonderful mom of her baby boy Hunter, and soon to be mommy of Sage (oh how i love that name!!!)
and a dedicated wife as well! She is truly blessed and I am ever so greatful to have crossed her blog!

And so, my Misc. Monday ...

1. I bought a scrapbook over a year ago and it has not moved from my desk since. It has moved around my desk
in the cabinet, on the desk, in the drawer... I have forgotten what exactly I was going to do with it
initially and still, have no idea. btw, i've never scrapbooked anything before...  :)

2. I am a candy freak. lately. chocolate. and if its new, im on it. Although, i have yet to try coconut m&m's...

3. In my annual spring cleaning , i came across a caboodle... remember those?!?! this wasnt
my big fancy one but the smaller simpler ones with the tray inside. Pink ofcourse..
and what was inside?? Letters, baggies full of pennies and bark and mulch!
This goes back to when email and texting didnt exist... man i sound old!
lol well email did im sure we just couldnt afford a computer so what did friends do... we wrote letters! These are from my best friends back in San Francisco elementary/middle school time! And the baggies.. well i collected old pennies dates you never find plus my familys birthyears! And the bark stuff well we went to visit sequoia and i was amazed by these trees and the scenery so i collected samples cos you never knew when they would
all just disappear! lol the mind of a 9yr old!

4. Ever try MetroMint water? comes in all mint flavors orange, lemon, raspberry and even chocolate!
Each has a level of chill factor... mildly cool, simply cool, very cool, extra cool and super cool...
well my dad promoted it so i tried the lemonMint which is simply cool.
def a taste to adjust to... felt like i was drinking chewing gum. kinda wierd...

5. baking Salted Caramel Cupcakes tonight... cant wait! yummmmmmmmmmmmm!


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I know right!!! I so forgot I had one! I think my mom still has my big fancy schmancy one tucked away in her garage! lol