Monday, May 17, 2010

let me explain...

Honestly, I thought I had only been gone just a week.. but I seen my last post was almost two weeks ago if I had waited until tomorrow!! YIKES!! yeah, never again.

First, I stopped posting because as most of you know, I post while at work. (im such a hard worker!! shhh)
Well, my job has slowly been blocking website access and one day I came into work and blogger was a restricted site. Yet, I could still access facebook. Okay. So then I figured, well... ill just post in the evenings... but for those with kids, you know once you leave your daytime job, you then begin your other shifts as "Taxi, personal shopper, doctor, pharmacist, mommy, cook, housekeeper, maid, conflict resolutioner, counselor, and the list goes on.... ". No acception here. 3 boys at different stages makes for a mom who feels lucky to squeeze her shower in by 11pm. So no, I didnt get around to it.... but that will change. I promise!!! ;)

So heres an update of a day in the luife of Jasara for the past couple weeks...

The week of 5/4, I had a last minute cake order due, which i ended up stayin up all night friday night until saturday morning, mothers day weekend... to finish and deliver this cake. Only for the customer to try and screw me over once it was delivered. lesson learned and I will be making many changes upon all of these touch learned lessons of the cake business. Sad to say, it pushed me farther away from the enjoyment factor and so, my break from sculpted cakes is definate.

Sometimes, you have to walk away and take a breather to be able to continue to enjoy the beauty in the things you love. 

Mothers Day plans were shot thanks to cake order... Mothers Day itself, we went to church then came home and had a yummy breakfast of swedish pancakes, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns... then we headed to the movies and watched How to train a Dragon which was A-DORE-ABLE!!!! (movie options are limited with kids 6-15, what can i say!) Then headed to one of my most favorite restaurants that I had not been to since I was in labor with my youngest! haha, maybe thats why i havent been back... Anyway, On the Border and had a delish Margarita! Empanadas and Flautas and rice and beans and a cripsy Dos XX's fried fish Taco! The night ended wonderfully and all was let go with my boys by my side all day. Love my lil/big munchkins!

Ah so, the next week.. work. fun.  :| but gotta pay the bills right. I have been running and walking trying to get to consistant running so I can train for a marithon next year... One day, I took my lil man Dru with me and we walked the Newark Lake... Later than I would have liked and for good reason... Mosquitos. The last 1/4 mile we had to fight and run threw the swarm of blood thrusty suckers and once in my car (where i managed to let just one in of the hundred that covered the air space above and around my car) I couldnt belive how many were attacking! Took me all night to shake the mosquito in my hair, on my skin feeling... *shivvers*

mama & DruDru BearSunset on the LakeSunshine!Dru ExploringChasing Geese


This past weekend, I had an order for 24 red velvet cupcakes. I doubled the batch and baked an extra 24. I invited my brother and his girlfriend Beverly over since my brother has somehow NEVER, EVER, EVER, NEVER tasted a red velvet. *gasp!!!* A tastebud crime in my book. And Beverly, LOVESSSSS them! So we hung out and chatted and ate red velvets. 2-3 each. Plus the lil hands that kept sneaking one here and there left me with ... 6.ALL MINES!! Muaaahhh haaaa haaaa!! Ok, i can only wish, I would gain back the 15 @W*#%T&#* pounds i've managed to some how loose and keep off... gotta be good. *fingers crossed!*

And that brings me to today... Monday. A blah day since its raining, AGAIN! It is May right? Are we sure? Ugh.  2 days of rain this week, then nice weather only to have more rain in another week. Is mother nature bipolar? If so, she's off her meds.

Anyway, glad to be back!! And please check out Monkey and her mommy's blog and send dotations if you can and comment to show your support and send prayers cause, if you lil monkey was diagnosed with cancer wouldnt you want/need/appreciate all the support you could get?!?! We cant all help the the world, but we can help the world of this sweet child!

(sorry the button was not showing up right, but you can access it thru the link above!! Thanks!)

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