Tuesday, May 18, 2010

work it on out!

Today, I almost ran a mile straight. I know, not a big feat for most but for me... I have not ran in a VERY lonng time. I took a 2 min break due to a cramp just below my rib... then ran the rest of the way back to work totaling 1.11 miles. So now im feelin =D supa cheeezy! lol

Ill get some weight training and balance ball in tonight too. Before I bake. I have been trying to bake these Salted Carmel Cupcakes (and while I'm at it, Ima make some Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes too!!) so I can continue to taste some new creations to be added to my new slightly secret but not for long expansion to Slice of Delight.


****You DO know who MONKEY is right???****

Pleas tell me Oh faithfull few blog readers you clicked the link
and read the heartbreaking story of
fellow blogger Michelle and her
beautiful little 16 month old daughter
who was recently diagnosed with

Thanks to Ian for putting this out here in blogland for all of us to read, pray and support
a fellow; blogger, mother, parent, woman, human being...


What a lovely sidetrack huh?! So yeah, workouts, baking, I still need to read up on my book so I can move on to Eat, Pray, Love... think i need to give self a deadline. :)

Im also looking into licensing, commerical property, mobile food vending, new web design
still working on a logo, looking into some small biz classes...
oh and a business plan. Hear those things are helpful. lol

Seriously, Im happy to be breaking away from the demands and time of sculpted cake
to lay some more brick and build up my passion.

Anywho... forgot i have some random mobile pics I wanted to post.. along with last nights yummie
dinner!! Chicken and black bean quesadillas!! Recipe to follow!

Enjoy and Please come back FRIDAY for a SPECIALblog post!!!

reminds me of Burning Man (Reno, Nv) google it! lol

Red Velvets from last weekend

Sunrise outside of my apartment  at 6:11am

another shot of sunrise Mothers Day Weekend

Chicken and Black Bean Quesadillas!!
Ill post recipe tonight!

X's & O's :)


Meghan said...

You are one busy lady! Keep up the good work! And E,P,L is AMAZING and I cannot wait for you to read it!

Jasara said...

Ive realized my schedule is crazy! and when i slow down, I go crazy! lol Thanks Meghan!! I can not WAIT to read it!!!