Friday, July 23, 2010

Dream a little dream...

Nothing happens unless first we dream. - Carl Sandburg

I sit here watching in awe, DC Cupcakes on TLC and I can practically feel the joy and passion radiation through the TV and through me! How I wish that was me, in my own cute little bake shop, with my original cake recipes and my own designer boxes. *sigh*

Sometimes, I feel like all my ambition, passion, desire will only go as far as my dream. I sometimes wonder, what is it that they have, that I don't? What was the break they got, the "A-HA" moment that gave them the realization of "THAT is how I will make it happen". I wonder... When will it hit me?

I have come to a recent fascination with cupcakes, as I also want to expand my business to have an entire cupcake line. I want to buy a mobile food truck and sell fresh baked cupcakes out of it. I want a cute little shop on a corner with big windows and a second floor for my office and mini studio for nights I am pulling all nighters from big orders. I want a kitchen to cook in with 10 ovens where one side opens to the test kitchen and the other to the decorating kitchen.

I dream big. Yes. I want grand things. I want the best cakes, cupcakes, sculpted cakes. I want lines around the block, I want to be featured in Martha Stewart, Food and Wine, Saveur, Gourmet Magazine, and especially Bon Appetit :)

But even if I don't have the notoriety, the food network status, or the second floor office mini studio... I just want to do what I love with my own business. I want to bake, decorate, create.

Will my time come? Will my dream come true?

X's and O's

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