Saturday, July 17, 2010

What a week

Vacation is such a wonderful thing! Relaxation, fun, depending on the season ... sun, traveling, laughing, smiles, good times, family, friends....

And yet, Vacation can be so cruel. Short. Ending when it seemed like it just started. Financially broken. Late nights. Sleeping in. Returning back to work.

lol , I have been back from my Vegas vacation for geeeeze, (had to really REALLY think about it) 3 weeks!!! (double checks calendar) yes... 3 weeks... and my sleep schedule is STILL off! As is my workout schedule and motivation to do anything really. Work? Psshhhh, I spend my morning B.S'in on text, FB, Yahoo, IM, coffee, gossip, zoning... lol man its so hard to recover from vacation!!!

But I am determined to get there. Its almost midnight, and Ive been telling myself for an hour now, Get to bed!!! Tired.. yes but not enough to crawl my butt under the sheets! I keep saying to self...Self, how are you going to get up at 6am to run, exactly?? You can barely get up to get ready for work!

I swear, there is some determination in there somewhere... i think its buried under the poolside memories, right next to the Panera Bread breakfast sammich.. mmm that bread was off the CHAIN! yum..
prob explains my weight plateau. Seems to climb up and hang there longer and longer before dropping back down ... *swears its just that time of month... everyday for the past 2 months* yeah.. that's it. YUP!

All jokes aside, I realize I do way to much in my daily life. Balance. Hard to obtain. Hard to maintain.

If I could get everything done everyday, I'd be one damn happy perfectionist camper! lol

Work a full time job, cook breakfast for the boys before work, cook dinner after work, bake and decorate cakes, BLOG, FB, tweet, Check in on my foursquare accurately, cake research, read up on running a small business, update my website, work on my logo, write poems, spend family time with the boys - movies, games, outdoor time, work out, run, culinary classes or school (part time of course!lol) , basketball games, football training camp, dance lessons,and clean(purposely left that for the end)

well.... *scratches head* I can sleep when I'm dead right?!

So yeah, balance. Realize, I cant do it all... I CAN pick days to do certain things and work it that way.
Honestly, I think I have ADD! lol makes sense tho, my oldest was diagnosed with ADHD. My dad always told me i should have been born with a second set of arms and hands because I always try to do too much.
My friends have fondly referred to me as "superwoman". Most heard comment about my life from those who know me " I don't know how you do it!"

Neither do I, I just - do.


Next post, I'll have to tell you about my FIRST NY Yankee game!!! Wish I got pics tho :( phone has no flash on the cam and it was a night game. either way, GO YANKEES!

X's and O's


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