Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I despise the underwire!!!

Yes, under WIRE not WARE!
Who in the heck invented the under wire for a bra and why??

sorry for any fellas reading this but I have to vent! LOL

Am I the only one with the problem?? I see a cute bra. I'm in need of a new bra. What ever the case, I buy the new bra...

After one wash, out pokes the wire. I really try to avoid buying the wire kind just for this reason. And what do I do... tuck it back in of course. Why? idk, guess I think its really going to stay there...

5min after putting it on I notice
A. I have some new serious cleavage from the wires already half way out or B. I am painfully poked in my sternum. Seriously?? after a losing battle, I usually rip em out if I don't find em in the dryer.

am I the only one who experiences this??!!!

I'm thinking... this had to have been man made!

Happy Hump Day readers!!

X's and O's


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Meghan said...

Ha! Wire poking out is the worst feeling in the world!!!