Thursday, July 15, 2010

my oh my!

how time does fly!

I have been so busy and frankly, avoiding social networks and outlets because i have just that much to do! i had to cut corners somewhere and my poor blog, you have suffered. But I felt compelled to visit as today has been an off day at work with computer problems and end of the week laziness all together!

So much to update.. but lets just keep it simple. took 6weeks off from cake decorating and orders. Was completely burnt. Got refreshed and felt good to not have the pressure i put on myself, in a small apartment, with limited time, money and necessities to perform to the level I desire.

Went to Vegas for almost a week which was FAB! Stayed at the Bellagio! LOVED it! Wish i was there now! lol

Spending more family time. Basketball games and family outings  has been great!

started cakes back up again 2 weeks ago and so far, got screwed on one! I am hoping this is not the trend because that will require me to force change on my ordering policies and i don't want to be a grouchy business woman!

Updating the website slowly but surly and I'm loving how its all coming together! Taking the time to educate self of website rules! Color palettes and have the help of a great friend who has also guided me through with advice and ideas!

Chicago is not happening... at least for now. Cant find a job.  What else is new for this economy tho!
I'm trying to stay positive and am looking into taking a few local classes once i get back on mental track with handling cake orders and managing a full time job and family. I tell ya the break was NICE! lol

ummmmm Oh i started P90x and love  it tho i have slacked since getting some flu bug, I'll be back on it soon. Running 1.5 miles easy now with the help of P90 and its conditioning! yes, i still am in love with running!!!

New cakes will be posted on my cake blog which you can access to the right.

I have missed everyone and am dying to catch up on everyone's blogs!!!

X's and O's



Meghan said...

Hey lady! Welcome back! Umm, Vegas??? Hi, color me green because I am jealous! So glad you had a good time! And I am doing P90X as well! CRAZY!

Amanda said...

Hi, J!!

Welcome back...the BLOG & I have missed you.

Life...yes, Life gets in the way. AND, yes, I capitalized "L"ife. It's just THAT major.

Anyway...what a post!

Vacay from craziness?
Vegas? Bellagio?
Basketball games?


Good for you, girl.

Keep doin' you!!

Jasara said...

thx ladies!!! Oh man, im so glad to be back. finding balance is soooooo the key!

i think i was set on daily posts or no posts at all haha, what a mental joke i played on myself!

maybe I should have started insanity vs p90x! hehe!

So glad to be back!