Thursday, July 22, 2010

FINALLY, Ive started reading....

Eat, Pray, Love. Yes, I know. I'm so behind. While many are on The Help or Women, Food and God , Best Friends Forever and so on...

I officially started last night and read 34pages before forcing myself to go to sleep at 1130!

I have been glancing over at it  here at work on my desk waiting to finish these reports so in between calls I can read!!! I love a good addicting book!

I am still reading The Power of Now but it for me is more of a book of study. practice. learning. So I'll continue to dabble when I can and absorb truly the meaning Eckhart is relaying.

The next book, well along with the three I mentioned above, is A New Earth. Also, since its been a year since my most FAVORITE author has passed, I want to get the last two novels by E.Lynn  Harris. And the book written in his honor by 3 authors.

All this reading inspires me to write... I love to write. Poetry that is. I express myself through my words better than I can speaking them to you.

on another note... this is my Friday! I was actually supposed to be off today but my PTO decided I had to come in! lol

its OK, I'm saving up for our family trip to Chicago in October along with the time off I have for my birthday next month.

But tomorrow, is a special day... my middle son turns 11!!! Evan is eleven!! :) we are having a bowling party for him on Sunday!small, simple and sweet! I'll be starting his cake decorations tonight as Sunday, I am the assistant to my sister for her State Dental Hygiene Boards test! Not thrilled to sit for the entire day in SF with no car but hey, its all in the name of sisterly love right?!

So... back to reading!

ps. how many will see the movie, Eat Pray Love when it comes out?!?!

X's and O's


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