Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vegas Pics!

Ok, another quick post!!! I have some pics! :)

rollin to the airport

3 hr airport delay thanks to the infamous SF fog

View from the room

The room
(cant find my bathroom palace pic but just imagine jet tub 3 ft deep, separate glass door standing shower, granite and marble floor, sink, sitting area, vanity area... a girls perfect bathroom vision!)

Got free drink vouchers at the Stripper Bar after the show...
pole posing!

me, animated :)

more stripper bar fun

in line at the V Theater at Planet Hollywood watching the mini water show
(stripper bar behind!!!)

Same pic, camera app fun on 2nd :)
Waiting at the Bellagio Pool Cafe for breakfast

A Fat tire Happy hour
buy one get one free... catch; you got em all at once!

Endive, apple and walnut salad at Serendipity
Totally missed out on the frozen hot chocolate and fried oreos

but, I got this!

*perks for eating at the bar:
ME:  is that a mojito your making??

'tender: Yup

ME: ooh, what kind is that one?

'tender: Blueberry Pomegranate, more on the sweeter side

ME: well , every mojito I've had was YUK!

'tender: That's cos no one really knows how to make em and if they do
they are simply too lazy to make em right...
*breaks into explanation as to why bartenders hate making them and purposely make em nasty*

'tender: I bet you I can make you a mojito fan

ME:  eeeeyyyyyy don't know.. I've had a few and I honestly hate em

'tender: (to boss) Shall I make a believer

BOSS: I don't know, I'm not a mojito fan either but hey what the heck.. maybe you  can

'tender: You game?

ME: *thinking FREE alcohol* heck yeah, bring it

as his mixes me up a strawberry mojito, he explains how to make it correctly
explains how the flavors emulsify...
as I prepare for the worst..

'tender: OK.. here you go... tell me what you think

ME: *sip, swirl, swallow*

ME: *sip, sip, sip*

ME: hawt damn! that is one delish mojito!!! Not one flavor is too overpowering
they hit perfectly on my palatte. YUMMMM!

BOSS: well??

ME: I am a believer. :)

BOSS: WOW!! im not convinced tho, Ill stick to my scotch.

'tender: see, what I tell you. haven't lost that challenge yet!

*'tender got BIG tip from me that day!!*

And that's all I can show you because... the rest, I'd have to kill you if you saw them!
lol as they say, what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!

ps. it is now 104am... see what I mean??!! no, see my previous post! :) GOOD NIGHT!


Meghan said...

I love me some Vegas! It looks like you had the greatest time! Your pics make me want to go back!!!

Maki said...

Oh man, I LOVE LOVE VEGAS!! I So need to go there - I really do!

Glad to see you back my darling;)

shin said...

niceeee...glad to know u had a dope time =)

Anonymous said...

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