Monday, August 30, 2010

31. Twins. Catch up.

I really thought I'd be able to post on my birthday... TWO WEEKS AGO! lol. OK almost two weeks but still. Oh well, life gets funny like that sometimes.
On August 19th, I hit 31. And I'm OK with 31 :) I am embracing all that my 30s has to offer as I realize this is the decade when I enter true woman hood. when I find myself. when I truly love and appreciate. So I can finally say I'm happy to be in my 30's. Still rather scary because life is moving way  too fast these days. like someone has us on fast forward and we think its the norm.Its time to slow down. enjoy each day. Cherish each moment, cos when that moments gone, we can never get it back!

Twins. My close friend had twins 1 weeks exactly after my birthday. Janessa and Jianna. They are absolutely adorable. weighing in at 5lb 10oz and 5lb 13oz, 18 and 18.5inches long. Keep in mind, mom and dad are both 6ft and 6'1. they have loooong legs, fingers and toes! lol I am in love with them! can you tell?!

And so I'm catching up with the events of the past 12 days. On my birthday, i worked. boo. lol . but Friday, I went to the City and spent the day eating schnitzel for the first time. Mind you, finding schnitzel on the west coast is a task in itself! But I did cross thee best and really only schnitzel spot in the northern California area! SCORE!!! The also have BOOT BEER!!! I only got the Pint but the big glass is off da hook big! lol and for $12 bucks for the pint... I thought that was a deal!!!

We then went to Union Square and Macy's (with the cheesecake factory on the roof!) did a lil window shopping even tho i didn't make it to Tiffany's! Then we headed to Cups and Cakes Bakery. I found this lil shop on Yelp and it was one of the 3 i want to visit! A tiny lil starter shop, very cute with its bold pink decor and boxes! Cupcakes were quite yummy too! I got a mini carrot, a peanut butter cup, German Chocolate, A red velvet with charred marshmallow atop and  double strawberry! didn't get pics cos they didn't last long but I'll post what i did get!

We then headed to the beach. Pacific ocean beach is my childhood beach! I love it and miss it there! We even saw a sea lion at the undertow! closer than the surfers in the water! After the beach, we headed to Polly Ann's Ice Cream... this is prob the only ice cream I will eat! been going here since I was knee high to a grasshopper! lol... I got Green Tea and Baileys Irish Creme. I know what a combo, but they were both amazingly good! Ever come to SF, make sure you hit up Polly Ann's on Noriega Ave in Frisco! Fresh made in house ice cream with flavors you cant even imagine!

After that, it was time to get home. I had to finish the cakes I was making for my birthday at the lounge Saturday night...

I'll continue in another post about that with pics... lets just say... started GREAT, ended no so great!

X's and O's

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