Monday, August 16, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. distractions.
I am always distracted. Today, especially. Could it be because I'm at work selling cupcakes?
Could it be that Its my birthday week and I have cakes to plan?
Could it be that I just don't want to work? It is now 4:35pm with 25 more minutes
to go in my work day and I honestly can say, I have not done half of what I normally could do!
I'll just tell the boss I need a re-do. I'm sure she'll understand... right?

2. summer-less
Seems as thought mother nature forgot summer was due this year.
Maybe she's bipolar and forgot to take her meds.
Maybe she says screw you for not taking care of me by letting me wilt away as you
create a hole in the ozone layer and suffocate me with mass oil in my hydration station.
Maybe 2012 is upon us.
Either way, Summer, sorry I missed you. Please do show face next year. My birthday month
is not the same without you.

3. so bad, so good
Why is everything so bad for you soooo good.
why can all food just be equal and nourishing without drastically
contorting our bodies into shapes we wish them not to be.
Why can the saying go "A strawberry cupcake a day, keeps the doctor away"?
Why cant fresh french bread and toasted garlic in olive oil be on the top
of our food pyramid?
Why cant men get fat and carry the pregnancy weight and we just carry the baby?

Sorry due to my lack of concentration today, I cant go beyond 3! Yea, I know i so do not rock!

But don't let that stop you! Link up and post away!

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