Friday, August 13, 2010

Just a minor delay...

In seeing Eat, Pray, Love on opening night... My sister has no babysitter til tomorrow night. Guess it all kinda works out, cause I still have to finish Indonesia!

This morning started off fantastic. Up early. Feeling refreshed. Ive been waiting to start yoga and meditation (thanks in part to the book, but it really gave me the boost to finally move into this) but I had 50 red velvet cupcakes to make and deliver today, so the past two days have been baking and reading. All I could fit it after my regular 9-5.

I'm also starting my new eating plan. Since I'm in such a funk with diets, dieting, the word diet, eating plan sounds... well... better :) healthier. I'm excited too. I just really in the end, want to be healthy. Fit. happy.
So, as i sit here at my desk fighting the craving for a chocolate bar... yes, an entire chocolate bar! I tell myself, "self, you don't need it". So I'll go make me some tea in a bit to calm my cravings!

I also have developed a killer headache that I'm convinced is slowly turning into a migraine as I type. slightly nauseous. slight light sensitivity. slightly annoyed that my day is not keeping on the up and up.

But  i have 2.5 more working hours until my FUN weekend starts!
Although tonight, I don't know what I will do... bake I guess! lol Still have yet to make those pink champagne cupcakes! The rest of the weekend will be crazy busy fun!

My middle son has his championship basketball game, then we will all head over to the San Jose Jazz Fest... then that evening meet up with the sista and watch EPL!
Sunday we are headed to church then to catch the early (aka cheaper) show of Despicable Me then if the weather proves to show us a real summer day, maybe the BEACH!

Let me pop some Advil now that I think about it, and Let the weekend/birthday week begin!

Have a lovely one!

X's and O's


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