Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rest and Relaxation

With no cakes to do this week, I'm taking a lil R&R up in South Lake Tahoe.
I love Tahoe! Taking a trip to the snow, going to cozy on up in
a lil cabin fully functional with a fireplace :)
Miss having a fireplace!
Hoping to attempt snow boarding for the
I feel funny saying I'm going to the snow
when most of my mid-west and east-coast friends
are looking to escape!!
I wonder if by next winter, will I be missing
my California weather?!?!
I'm sure I will.
I'm adaptable.
Feeling a bit better.
In regards to my future and all...
No decision yet but
I've had some wonderful encouragement
that has lifted the blue veil :)
Hoping my book comes by tomorrow so I can read up on this industry
and make an informed decision on what path
I want to and should take.
I realize there is a path
it's just a matter of which to take
Working out too now
more regularly anyways
forcing myself to the gym on lunch
not just the occasional at home work out.
And one more week of YUCKY pills!

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