Friday, February 19, 2010


I truly wish there were more
hours in the day.
My mind races with
ten-zillion-billion things
that I want to do,
and I find myself
trying to do them all at once!
My dad always said
"You should of been born with a second pair of arms!"
*giggles* lol
I must agree.
So today on my list of to-do's
that I seem to add
a new "TO-DO"
every hour,
  • catch up on my shows via computer (i just don't have DVR time lately)
  • Finish my last essay question for my school application
  • ♥ BLOG ♥
  • work out on lunch
  • sketch out my business logo
  • order business cards
  • Scan the CD cover in so I can finally add graphics and send to the group

And the list goes on....

I'm so wrapped up in cake right now its ridiculous!

Cake fever?

think so!

1 comment:

shin said...

busy, busy, busy. mi can dig =P