Saturday, February 27, 2010

South Lake Tahoe

FINALLY!!!I get some relaxation time.

Got to Tahoe later than planned so today was just some simple fun in the snow, and buying new gloves! I walked in my first snow to the Lake and took pics which I wish I could upload but maybe tomorrow I'll figure a way :)

We rented a 3 story townhouse! I love staying here! Lakeland Village Resort is great in the summer and winter! I will miss it! My room in on the first floor which seems to be the only floor heated by the heater! TG! I have barely gone upstairs since it chilly! Sucks that the fire place isn't working :( boooooo!

But I am STARVING! Was going to cook since there is a full kitchen here but I'm the point where something yummie, quick and satisfying is a must!

Tomorrow; SNOWBOARDING!! woop wooop! Cant wait! Kiddos are excited too! I'm so happy they love the snow! *points for Chicago!!!*

I'm also happy I finally got the wi-fi figured out... mobile Internet don't cut it all the time!

So I'm off! In search of some food and I think, a drink or few are in order!

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