Friday, February 5, 2010

Time of change

Everything in life is changing. My plans for the future. Myself. My job.

I have been cleaning my desk out over the past couple of days after a feeling overcame me that things are going to get bad here and soon. I already dont want to be here, as my department is horrible. The job itself it ok, but the management is horrible. We are expanding today and they are moving a few of my coworkers to different areas. Amist all the movers and IT guys and my supervisor and manager scramming around, the feel of this place is gloom and doom. Everyone feels it. Unfortunately during these bad econimic times, we must hold on to even the most crappiest job.

Im just lucky Ill be out of here in 6 months.

So much will change then as well, a new State, City, Neighborhood, way of life. Everyone will have to adjust and learn to make it home. I welcome the challange and look forward to new beginnings, in this time of change.

Speaking of change, I for the first time used my KitchenAid Professional 600 Standing mixer last night. Sitting on my counter since Christmas, It taunted me every day,each cake, with its ability. I have been using a hand mixer since I was 6 and as much as I wanted this mixer, I realized I was afraid of it.
Silly as it sounds, Im not used to relying on anyone or anything to to the job for me. Yet this machine does it all! I took some not so good pics with my camera phone to notate the grand event! Dont think ill post em unless I can figure out how to make fresh out the shower, makeup free, hair a mess look good!

Change is good!

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