Friday, February 12, 2010


Im inspired to write today. Its been a while and Im ready to release!

Reading my friend Justin's Facebook status just now got me thinking... he stated;

Thought through all of this growth I'd find but lost myself again - only to realize that's the point. We're never the same thing twice...

and that got me thinking.

We are like a rose bush. We bud and mature thru the growth process, we bloom into a new beautiful being, and as we do so, as we learn and grow part of us dies. It leaves us and we hope its only the negative and sometimes its goodness too but then we regenerate. A rebirth. We become anew once again. And the thorns on the stems are the trials and tribulations of our life. Pain, suffering, sadness and depression, and yet, the stem between the thorns is smooth and vibrant! When a rose is in full bloom, its like us at our peak at that time in our life. Not at the peak of our life as I believe, we go thru phases and when we reach that peak, everything is great. Lesson learned. Then the road continues and we continue to travel this path called life. Until we bloom again.

I was also thinking how tomorrow is never promised. I read somewhere a long time ago; "why do we hold on to things and save them for a special occasion or for another reason we deem worthy?"

Who's to say that special day will ever come. Whos to say tomorrow will ever come? Realize, Every Day is WORTHY!! I say, dont save anything, use your fine China for dinner every night! Wear that dress just because you want to feel good! Wear your pearls, try something new, pick up a new hobbie, volunteer, write a book, conquer a fear!

Live your life, no one else can do it for you!

Surround yourself with positive. Positive people, vibes, environment. Keeping negativity in your life will only keep you down, hold you back and define you. Remove the negative, and positivity can only surround you. Ofcourse no one can completely remove negativity and I think what remains is necessary to remind you, to push you, to motivate you.

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