Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

I dont know why but Im pretty happy today! despite getting up an extra hour early and sitting through a staff meeting for an hour and a half, I feel great! Since I've made up my mind to move to Chicago, I have more good days than not. That only supports my belief that the decision I made is the right decision. It feels good in my heart and so far, everything is falling into place.

No Complaints! Im blessed!

Ive been busy with Cakes as usual, wasnt to thrilled with the last minute order I delivered yesterday, but what can you expect when they order 2 days before they want it and have no real idea of what they want it to look like? Oh well, they loved it and Im glad its done! Next cake; Fosters Beer can! This one im quite excited about!

Superbowl weekend is this weekend and we are making T-Shirts for the Saints! WHO DAT!? Heading to Sacramento to hang with family we havent seen in quite a while. It will be a good get away, to say the least. Im hoping to hook up wit a few of my old co-workers out there and have some drinks and catch up! It will be nice to be around good people again!

I need to try out this new French book and CD I got sometime this weekend.. oh, yeah, I'm also trying to learn french! Energerzier bunny should be my nick name! I dont ever stop!

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