Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Passion. Love.

I love making cakes. So much so that I would probably die from exhausting myself from cake decorating! It is my muse. My love. My passion. I push myself to be bigger and better. I don't think I truly know my own limits. Who needs limits with creativity? If it were only that easy, but I must limit myself (better) so I don't burn out and let my cakes suffer.

So this week, I am pushing limits, beyond limits. I cant help it. Can I?
I have 2 heart shaped red velvet cakes due, a baby shower cake and now another baby shower cake I just changed up cos I found a cake I want to try! I will have little to no sleep this week. That's OK, I can sleep when I'm dead, right? Saturday will be my recoup day. Promise.

Baking cakes is like therapy for me... mental therapy. It definitely has its share of stress, anxiety and frustration! But its all in the challenge! I welcome it and learn from it! Definitely not a life stress. Good stress... if there is such a thing!

Today is a OK day. Nothing big going on, forgot my shoes at home so no work out on lunch for me :( so that means fitting in pilate's tonight. Somehow. If only I had 8 more hours in my day, I could accomplish so much more. Even better idea, wish I didn't have to work then I can bake and decorate and design and blog the day away, then fit all my home duties in at night! Yesss! that is how life should be!

This weekend, Ill start my weight loss regimen. Gotta look good by Vegas baby! And I'm on this get healthy by Chicago kick as well... more so because I have insurance now! haha, but really, at 30 I need to be healthier, I have a lot of life to live!

I've also found that I love blogging, some days I want to blog two and three times a day! Control it woman! :) 'til next time!

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shin said...

u r soo fine the way u r, j...u already kno if u got a 23 yr old lookin at u like u the ish...u don't gotta worry. haha. all jokes aside...i feel u on that...health is def important.