Monday, February 15, 2010

St. Valentine

Valentines weekend was like any other. Hectic, tiring and good! My son wrote me the cutest letter and Saturday I didn't sleep due to a cake I had to finish and deliver by 8am Saturday morning! Then after dropping my car off in San Jose to finally get my struts and rear breaks fixed.. I had 5 hours to kill.. it was cold, foggy and I had no idea where to go. Luckily Joann, my friend lived close by and picked us up and we headed to the mall.

Though at this time, I'm a complete zombie and running on fumes! But we kill time, only for me to pick my car up and its still not drivable because the alignment is so horribly off!! But My wonderful mechanic, drove me down the street and pays for my alignment! How awesome is that! Worth the extra 45 min wait. Finally after arriving back home, I crash. Hard!

Sunday was a relaxing day of shopping and movies. Finally bought Julie and Julia!!! Thank you Blockbuster! :)

And today, a holiday for most, I am at work. Pointless easy money. If only I felt better. Maybe Ill go buy a new book today with my coupon from borders! I've been wanting to read Eat Pray Love and I think I'll do just that. Got less than an hour to kill before I head home. I hear its nice out today... figures.

ps. I forgot to mention that I changed my hair color! :) pic to come !

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shin said...

i bet u look sexy...sounds like a busy day with a peaceful end =P