Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shameless Loves... (compliments of Yeh )

I finally browsed a few blogs today and one of my FAVORITE blogs to read is Yeh (pronounced yay) and she has a button of "shameless loves" I finally decided to "click" the link and was entertained with lists upon lists of the many shameless loves of strangers :) and since I have been on my love of a certain fruit all day long, I was intrigued to write my own list of "shameless loves" ***and yes, I will submit them for her posting with the hope that she will add it to her loves, shamelessly***
Jasara's list of Shameless ♥Loves♥
1. Grapples - I love these! The smell good and taste extra
2. Mani's and Pedi's - every 2 weeks like clockwork!
(every woman should treat themselves!)
3. T-E-X-T-I-N-G - "hi, my name is Jasara and Im a textaholic"
4. Hearty foods - the love of Gnocchi, chicken scallopini,
chicken parm, picatta, cacciatore, capellini, mashed potatoes,
smothered chicken, jambalaya, gumbo, etouffe.... my mouth
is watering from just typing it!
5. Chick flicks - my most fav's *Under the Tuscan Sun* / *P.S. I Love You* /
*The Time Travelers Wife* / *Julie and Julia*
6. South Lake Tahoe in the summer
7. Heels! - I would say shoes but every shoe I buy is a heel!
Being a shorty, Im a big fan of them!
boots, sandals, open toe, peep toe,
dressy, casual, pumps, stilettos...
can never have too many!
8. Dresses - I seem to have picked up a liking to dresses the past year
and have a nice collection of sweater dresses especially!
9. Mustard - yes. I do. all kinds. :)
10. Baking just because - as if I dont bake enough cakes from
orders, when i have nothing to bake, I bake!
*look up baking in the dictionary, you will see my face!*
11. The dollar store - its amazing how many things you end up buying!
12. Chicago - annual trips are a given
13. NYC - I left my heart there!
14. snuggling with my Dru-Bear ♥♥♥

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