Thursday, February 18, 2010

Exhilarate, Galvanize, Infuse, Spark...

Yes. I am inspired today. I came across a blog of an aspiring pastry artist like myself and was hooked most of my morning hours. Reading through her experiences and her declaration to stop her current career and pursue her love of food by attending pastry arts school was amazing. I am in admiration. She now has a shop overseas in her home country and seems to be thriving! She's living my dream!

I want so bad to be there already but am even more excited about the process I will go through to get there!
Reading through her entries as she went through school, each week, I imagine myself in that place, learning, baking, indulging!

In the meantime....

I plan.

I'm finding it difficult to work on these scholarship applications. I have been out of the school loop for so long and have dedicated my life to my kids that I'm at a loss for answering some of these questions. Volunteer? Community service, organizations and sports I'm involved in? *laughing* When do I have time for that with 3 boys? So I sit, and stare at the questions taunting me, and I think "Is this what every pastry chef gets involved in?" I ponder what to say. What sounds convincing? Do they really care about my volunteer work over 10 years ago?!? Maybe.

and so....

I continue to rack my brain. Feeling less than proficient due to my lack of activism in my community. I don't feel defeated. I will, I'm sure , find a way through my creative writing to satisfactorily answer these many questions.

In the end, I just want to be a Pastry Artist. Décorateur. L'Art de la Patisserie.

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