Monday, March 1, 2010


Today is simply blah. Going from fun and excitement to work just drains out any remnants of good times from my system. But, it must be done.
Getting started on planning this cake for my niece! Alice in Wonderland! I cant wait to see the movie and get some motivation for the cake! I imagine it being Topsy and turvy and whimsical and fun and colorful and BIG!
I just hope I plan it out and scale it right!
As far as my plans... still not sure where I'm at
or what I'm feeling about this
move, school and what not.
Its crossed my mind more than not
about the what if's...
What if... I stayed here and grew my business?
What if... I found a school local enough to do and still keep my job?
What if... I just took some classes and built from there?
What if... this move isn't the best move right now?
What if... I don't move and miss out on an opportunity I don't know is there?
What if... the book was wrong and I can become successful in Chicago?
What if... a great opportunity presents itself in Cali?
What if... I don't make the right decision, for me or my family?
So many "what if's"
So I have resorted to
just not thinking
about school
the move
For now anyways. I think I needed this mental break.
I've been so focused and stressed off applications
and scholarships and grants and relocation,
that my brain is overloaded.
Shut down.
Fresh start, clear and open mind.
Ooooooh yes, another thing, I have come across a couple books I want to buy aside from
Eat, Pray, Love (which is next on my list!)
But the books are written by Eckhart Tolle; A new Earth and Power of Now
I may even bump A New Earth up because I hear
its a GREAT read!
hmmmmm, think I need a book list! :)

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