Tuesday, March 16, 2010

back to normal??

I swear... vacations and breaks and extended weekends throw me off track completely!

Back to work after a 5 day mini vaca and Im still trying

to figure out...

Why am I here again?

Do I really have to work?


Anyway, Im not writing in green because Im feeling ill

Im writing in green because it reminds me of *SPRING*

Which by the way officially starts Saturday!

I have missed blogging! Still no wi-Fi in mi Casa

but im workin on it

(damn comcast!)

So I was going to blog about the rest of my Reno trip

but, I think the majority of it

needs to stay in the past! lol

lets just say, Jager on "Empty"...

nuff said!

But I have been doing a lot of thinking,




I think I have a new plan.

tho i hate calling it a plan, so ill say

options :)

Im really interested in this new school I've come across

and am thinking....

of how to tweak Chicago and Campbell

and make em work in this economy.

More to come on that in my Pastry Journey Blog :)

So for now, Im trying to Spring Forward.. still lol.

get back on my workout routine and eating right routine

regain focus on self, family and living.

AND most exciting I began reading one of my top listed books!

Im all smiles with it too!

Ever get a book and just KNOW its going to change your life??

yeah... thats what this book feels like

Im still dabbing in my "idiots guide to becoming a successful chef as well"

but I think with the clarification I have in my own mental,

Im back to feeling good bout everything.


So lunch is almost here, work has slowed down so I think

ill take some of this slow time and read up!

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