Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Friday!

I must say, for us worker bees Friday seems to be the best day of the week!
Funny because we still have to work!
Maybe its because we know the weekend is upon us
that we can relax, truly relax in the evening
for those night clubbers; dancing and drinks!
whatever the reason, Fridays always seem to be good!
And with the past 2 days I've had at work,
Friday could not have come sooner!
I cant say it enough,
I love the sunny days!
It definitely releases the rainy day blues and
depressing cabin fever from the fall/winter season.
So this weekend's plans are:
*clean off the patio
*clean out my car
*bake bake and bake some more for the fundraiser
*help a friend move
*head out to a park or marina
*sketch out a cake and some cake decorations
1 more week til I visit the school and I'm pretty
excited and anxious about it.
But lately I must admit
my mind has been on Chicago.
The dream is still there :)
One way or another, I'm going to make it happen!
Happy Friday Everyone!
X's and O's

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