Thursday, March 25, 2010

SLEEP!!! and great blogs!

Funny how going to bed late for nights in a row (and look like this!)

then one night hitting the sheets 1 hour early makes you feel like you slept twice as long the next day!

Thats me right now, today I feel GREAT! lol

Since the fundraiser I have been hitting the pillow

anywhere from 12 midnight to 1am...

when normall I was on a *SWEEEET*

schedule of 1030ish

then last night.. I crawled in the bed

at 11...

**aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh** (angelic voice)

I wake up refreshed!

Im sure come 5 o'clock

my body will notice the joke I played on it!

Today is a good day tho!

Not movin as quickly as I'd like but i only have decorations to

finish tonight! AOOHOO! Yess!

Pics to come as well!

Also got all the GC's for the teachers

so I'm excited and set!


Thought today I'd mention all the GREAT blogs I'm following

the ones I cant seem to get enough of!

as so without further ado...

**Blogs of Worthy-Wonderfulness**

First Molly Yeh... I love her blog.

She is funny and witty and beautiful and a foodie!

check her out HERE! (yellow/brown to honor her love of mustard & Nutella!)

Next Meghan, I adore this blog!

She's from (my 2nd home)Chicago, loves cupcakes,

like me she loves any and everything NYC!

and also like me she's (almost!) 30!

Meghan's blog can be found here!

Amanda has a fun blog with daily posts!

She is a teacher & writer (i write too!),

has a great heart and lots of determination!

I positively adore this blog!

Click HERE to catch up with Amanda!

I recently stumbled upon Maki's blog

and I'm soooo happy I did!

She is an amazingly artistic mama!

I love her photographs!

(esp the older family shots! kiddos are adorable!)

Check out Maki and her photo's HERE!

(ps. Maki have u joined or follow :) ?!?)

One look at Chelsea and you cant help but smile!

Her blog is fun, cheerful and totally rocks!

And like I, she has a deep rooted passion for baking!

oh and the French!

my fellow lover of baking is Here!

One of the first blogs I started following

was Alicia's!

She's a Brooklynite who has a passion for pictures

and love for her City (I love NY too, cant wait to get back!)

Check out this Fabulous blog Here!

Lauren! Amazing blog.

Amazing woman!

Lover of her dog Marley and husband Craig

and even has a cool wedding ring tattoo!

She, like I use to many ellipses (....) and is Cali born!

Get Lauren's blog Here!

These are just a few of the great blogs that I follow on a daily!

I have many more but right now...

I heart these!!

X's and O's


Meghan said...

Catching up on sleep is the best feeling, isn't it???

And thank you so very much for the kind words and shout-out! I love that you love NYC and cupcakes too:)

Jasara said...

Yesssss! oh man, makes you feel like a new woman! lol

No problem! I alwasy share GREAT things! :)