Friday, March 5, 2010


I've been in a kind of blah state.
Not really into much, just
I think that this whole shift in life's grand plan has me rotating off my axis. Then again, maybe its because I have no cake orders until next week. :)
Either way, I'm ready to be focused and determined again.
BUSY again! And work ain't cutting it!
I've come to realize that blogging bout me is almost impossible without cake! *lol*
We are as one after all but I think I can focus on more of the me life and where I'm at in other ways as well as my future endeavors.
So this weekend, is my last weekend for a few weekends of relaxation, no cakes, nothing to do.
If it was supposed to rain this weekend I'd head out to the Marina.
I love the water. The ocean especially since I grew up in San Francisco.
Weekend trips to the pacific ocean were some of the greatest times!
Then getting ice cream at Pollyanna's! I was in kid heaven! I always got bubble gum!
Sitting here in my last 28 minutes of the work week thinking **what shall I do tonight** and come up with a whole bunch of nothing and realizing I am such a HOME BODY NOW!
**uughh* is that what happens after 30?!
Well I know my list of real friends has been severely cut over the past year and most of
the ones who were spared my blade are too far or busy for a girls night or
So, I guess I'll *warning nerd notation approaching* READ and
get a bottle of something and chillax this weekend.
*end of nerd notation*
Maybe I'll go see Alice in Wonderland.
Hopefully I can get my wireless going this weekend, Comcast is B.S'in and I'm running out of patience with them! T-Mobile for that matter as well..
Hope all have a lovely weekend this weekend if I don't get around to posting!


shin said...

i know those oxtails u just, those look good...i wonder what u gonna hook those up with..haha.

molly YEH! said...

see alice in wonderland! i hear its supposed to be good :-)

also... i just posted your list on my blog :-) :-)