Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Coffee... where for art thou Coffee?

I woke up today totally missing Coffee! Didn't help that the smell from the pot brewing in the kitchen lingered into my bedroom!
Not that I'm Catholic but I gave up Coffee for Lent.
I am spiritual and thought that giving up an indulgent
and using it as a time for prayer or meditation when in times of
craving was a good thing.
And so tomorrow marks day 21, 3 weeks from Ash Wednesday.
I was o.k. until today.
3 weeks, 1 day to go...
is that bad that im counting?!
On another note, I had a talk with a friend last night
who's given me some good advice
about school and the move and all
I'm glad we spoke.
He's a great guy with allot of wisdom.
I'm at peace right now, letting what ever happen
with this move, my goals and dreams
f a l l
into place.
I'm more stressed about this transformer bumblebee cake
I have due Thursday.
Its a shame I haven't even started it!
I tried to sketch it out last night but
there are
many many many
many many
Aye dios mio!
Please pray for me!
I swear I should be grey now from all the stress of
I'll be sure to post a pic in the Slice of Delight blog for all to see!
So if your not following that blog, do so now!

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