Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Catching up..

Finally, I am.
Today is busy busy...
work and blog and downloading pics
and updating my website
and sketching my next cake
and FB'ing and texting
all while working
I never stop!
So I will be rushing to finish this cake im donating to the
KlaasKids Foundation
for the Child Abuse and Prevention Dinner
that will be held tomorrow in Sacramento.
April by the way is Child Abuse and Prevention Month!
I have decided to merge my blogs back together as having 4 blogs is way to much work
right now for me.
So this will be my complete journey :)
my business blog will remain separate as well as my photo blog.
Which btw, hasnt been really updated but thats ok!
I also got two orders for cupcakes and cakes for this weekend and next week.
*crazy excited!!!*
I feel so overwhelmed tho
my days taken by work
nights by cake and family
mostly cake
weekends by delivery
and resting
if I can between kids and the park
or errands
grocery shopping
and typical routine home jobs
I must admit...
creates frustration
and I become
the not so happy camper.
er, um
I have been thinking tho...
since artist have an art studio
and men have man caves
and home mechanics have garages
and business men have dens
cant I have a Bakers Haven?
I lil kitchen room
separate from the house
completely furnished with top of the line
stoves and ovens and mixers
cooling rooms and refrigerators
freezers and storage space
industrial sinks and extra wide and long counters
a fondant roller and a edible printer?
is that too much to ask?

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