Tuesday, March 23, 2010

today was a good/chaotic day...

Because it flew by... again my mind is scrambling with the million things I want/need to do.
I feel like my mind and my internal body are going a million miles a minute, yet my outer body is on s-l-o-w m-o...
Breathe. Clear my mind. Calm.
I'm trying.
So second batch of cupcakes sold in 4 hours! all 46! Happy about that!
Looks like ill be exceeding my goal. Woo Hoo!
Tonight, bake another batch, last and final one and decide on the cake and when and how to deliver!
Today was just a chaotic day. lol i cant even place it! Is it Friday yet??!?!?!?!
Gotta workout tonight.. skipped today so I could help a coworker prep for her interview.
**Best of Luck to her!**
So tonight.. cupcakes, workout and hopefully to bed before 12:30!
Oh and I promised pics.. next post.. promise! hehe!
X's and O's


Meghan said...

Cupcakes??? Where do I sign up???

Maki said...

Wow how awesome is that your cupcakes flew off the shelf!! I knew you're nervous about it last week.. I'm happy for ya!


Jasara said...

@Meghan Yesss! I baked dozens upon dozens (210 cupcakes and mini cupcakes to be exact!)of cupcakes to sell for a fundraiser for the teachers so they can purchase books and supplies plus Im making 3 cakes! I'll post pics of the cupcakes here but I also have them on my business site! Link is on my page. If you were closer, i'd send u a dozen!

@Maki yes! I was so nervous it wouldnt work out but I exceeded my mark! 250 bucks donated! Awesome!