Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Calling all Galway Gals!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Yes, I am part Irish!
I enjoy a Heineken every now and then;
Irish car bombs too;
Corned beef and Cabbage
Red potatoes in Irish stew!
Who can forget
a Jamison Night Cap?
And Irish Cream for our coffee
and we're set!
ok, a lil quick rhyme I wrote but seriously
I would love to visit Ireland one day!
Rolling hills of green
sheep and boats...
If it wasn't the middle of the week
I'd probably be thrown down on sum Irish grub tonight!
But, its ok! Potluck at work today
and there's a ton of food.
Most of which I wont eat.
Ready to get back in the gym this afternoon too!
Working out is such a stress reliever!
I'm also holding a fundraiser for the Teachers Appreciation Week coming up
hoping I can get some donations but its not looking great.
I know times are hard but even if everyone donated a dollar
from my FB friends alone I'd have well over
100 bucks to give...
**fingers crossed**
Ill be happy to collect $50 bucks...
Today is a good day! The sun is out, Spring is near and
I'm closer to my dream!
Happy St. Pat's everyone!
X's and O's


Maki said...

Aw I hope you get to collect more than $50!!! Teachers are so under-appreciated and they should be appreciated more than anybody!!!!

Hope you had a great St. Patric's Day!

p.s. I LOVE LOVE working out too - I just did a post about it yesterday:)

Jasara said...

Thanks! I hope I collect more as well! so far im at 40 bucks! but next week ill be selling some sweet treats in hopes that my numbers increase!

working out is a stress reliever!