Saturday, March 13, 2010


Night one in Reno was interesting to say the least! My first drink in months! Thank God I didnt get drunk!! Had a nice cool buzz most of the evening...

The ride up... a total different story... Rained from the moment I left... then as we approached the Donner Summit, it began to snow... had to pull over and pay a nice chunk of change to get chains so we could ride 30 mph through the slick and snowy roads... just as we are coming out of the summit, SPIN OUT! omg I was so scared! luckily, no one hit us and we just missed the side rail! After being on the road for 6 1/2 hrs... we made it!

We ended up at this club called Aura.. which was cool.. earlier everyone but me gambled since Im in no why shape or form a gambler... so what did i do... drink! lol
Club was cool... it was snowing out and all was right in the night!

Sorry to rush this entry as they are all ready to go and Im sitting here holding everyone up!

Will post more details of todays ventures later this evening as we get ready for another night out in Reno!


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