Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slacking.... Update time!

I began to post to my blog yesterday but I once again was trying to do too much and so I am behind! OUCH!

Now I shall catch up and finish my posting from yesterday!

Fundraiser was a success. But come Friday, I was beyond exhausted and could only manage to function enough to work. Barely keep my eyes open. Only to remember my son had a performance that night so I didnt get home til 9pm!

Then ofcourse, I couldnt sleep. Forcing myself into bed at 11 because I knew I had to be up early to tour the culinary school the next day. Which I did.
Saturday morning, I woke, showered, even colored my hair (yes, Im a DIY-er to the fullest!) and left to Campbell to get a tour of the Professional Culinary Institute. When I initially found this school online, the website didnt have much information as all of the other culinary schools had. So i was a little unsure about what they may be hiding! (lol why not tell all, sell yourself to me by giving me all the info!?!?)
I arrived 10 minutes early, feeling great and hopeful. The facility was nice, contradicting because it sat above a Golds gym! haha, feeling fat anyone?!?! The school took up one floor of the building, with 6 kitchens.. tho i was not impressed that two students shared a station each... the equipment was nice as were the demo classrooms...
We sat in a presentation with pastries and beverages made by the students. I didnt have any but they looked yummy. They then began to talk about the school, had a previous student speaker, talked about finances then sent us off to the Demo for the specialty we were interested in. Me, obviously, baking and pastry... expecting to see a yummie ice cream or pastry, or gelato, or creme brulee... we walk into a demo kitchen with glasses filled with chocolate mousse.

Not impressed.
So our french instructor Alex, quite the character, talks about this mousse he is going to create for us. Belgian Chocolate and heavy whipping cream.
Thats is?? really? ok i guess...
Im trying to not compare it to the French Pastry School in Chicago where we were served up
Lavender, Honey, and Lemon Madeline's , Mango Sorbet and a plated dessert with the pineapple, sorbet, Madeline, and a coconut basil emulsion and soaked basil seeds.
(ok, maybe I am!!!)
now.. im no master pastry chef but.............

anyway.. ( :/ )
Mousse was ok. nothing spectacular. Tho maybe it was supposed to be??? if so does that mean I dont have a mature palate? haha...
I watched as students in the Hobby classes made cakes and what looked like loins of pork in two different classrooms... not impressed by that either.. idk.. maybe I was being judgemental but
I do know that when I left the school in Chicago.. i had this amazing feeling of YESSS, this is where Im supposed to be! A perfect fit!
and when I left this school in Campbell, it was like.. eeehhhh, if its my only option.. i guess i can settle.
So below is the info i gathered from the school along with pics....

and Oh btw, sunday was lazy day. Errands for the week and cake decorations. :)

The Professional Culinary Institute - 700 W. Hamilton Ave Suite 300 Campbell, CA
Baking and pastry course is taught with western European fundamentals - modernized
Practice the Artisense method - listen/watch/replicate apprentice style of training/mentoring
Course runs 600 hours 240 hour externship may be started half way thru course if teacher deems you are ready.
New course will run off a quarter system consisting of 11 weeks of instruction with a 1 week break.
Application fee is $75 and you will be required to take an entrance exam to prove you have knowledge to the 12th grade along with 2 letters of recommendation from persons outside of family members.
They offer morning, afternoon and evening classes.
The evening classes are held on Mon, Tue and Wed evening and course completion is within 10 months. There is also a 2 month paid externship.

Total cost for the Baking and Pastry art program is $26,436
Break down: $75 app fee, $876 Student Kit, $1225 Lab fee, and $24,200 Tuition
They do not qualify as a level 4 school so FAFSA is not accepted.
Sallie Mae loans and monthly payments are how one will pay.
discount if you pay in full before you start.

They do allow you to audit a class(sit in and observe)

So theres a lot more drawbacks than bonuses here for me.

Mucho Mousses

Chef Alex

Writing Demo

Chocolate Mousse fineto

Hobby Class

One of chef Alex's creations at the front entrance

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