Monday, March 8, 2010

The little things

I have to say... Mondays suck! But there are a few little things that make me smile and ease the blues out of a typical Monday..

And they are

** Good Morning Text messages!**

** Reading Molly's blog **

** Blogging **

** Making lunches for the boys **

Simple things in life make me happy! OH and the fact that I have a short work week, yeah, that's just a BONUS! *hehe*

So this past weekend was pretty laid back. Ran sum errands, went to my friends new beauty shop like 30 min away to finally get my good shampoo and other products that I've missed so much since the last place closed! Went to the store then back home n chilled...
My dad has been sick with this yucky head and chest cold and so I wanted to make him something yummy and feel good in hopes that he would finally recover after having this cold thingy for a week.

After much debate and some advice from a friend, I went with my original plan of *****OXTAILS!***

Now mind you, I have never eatin let alone seen an oxtail before but apparently my mother has made these for him in the past and as a California southern boy, he loves them. But I knew it had been a while since she made him any. My original thought was Chicken Soup, perfect for a cold I know but if you know me.. im soo off the norm.

So Oxtails it was.

After some recipe research, I decided on a Caribbean inspired recipe and took from about 2 or 3 different recipes what I liked, and what I had on hand and began cookin.

Wish I started earlier in the day as they take a few hours to simmer but after about 4 1/2 hours they were done!

Ok so not very appealing in the pot but I had my mom make rice and you serve them over rice and i tasted a bit before I left to deliver the goods and YUM o YUM they were goooood! Spicy but not overwhelming, rich and flavorful, beefy and just plain goodness! I hope my dad enjoyed them and if they didn't shake his cold, I know he felt good from all the love that was poured into this dish!


Sunday was my lazy day. As much as I wanted to get done and get motivated to do... I just couldn't. I didn't even put make-up on!

I took a shower, finally shampooed my hair with the good stuff (btw, my hair smells WUUUUN-DAH-FUL now! Thx NIKKI!! xoxo)

grabbed my sketch book, reading book and french book and ended up laid out on the couch with them all sitting next to me! *lol*

I didn't move until half way through the Academy Awards when I realized I was starving!! Got up and went to get some Chinese n came back to grub, finish the awards, watch Barbara Walters last special and crashed in the bed only to fall asleep an hour later from a pounding headache...

What a weekend, huh!

Thus begins yet another work week, Cake start up again this week and another weekend get away!


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