Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunshine Days...

Chase the blues away.... right?
Well, so they say.
No blues today just a rough day at the job.
one day soon... I shall be long gone from here
doing what I love...
Loving what i do
todays agenda: Lists.
I feel quite scatter brained lately
and realized I need to get my thoughts in order.
So instead of starting 5 million things at once
and finishing 2 (im notorious for that)
I am listing everything I need to do
or need done.
Im good at that.
Feel a bit better now.. tho still have more to jot down.
and still want to create a book list.
Speaking of books... this book im reading is rockin my world!
Missed my workout today so Im going to get busy this evening.
Im diggin the stability ball!
Keepin it short and sweet today.
Enjoy the wonderful sun everyone!
Smile and relish in the warmth of the moment!
x's & o's

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