Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What a day!

Again.. im soooo busy. no time for anything!
disappointed that the fundraiser cake i worked on was canceled the day it was due (yesterday)
My Co-workers are quite happy tho.. Chocolate cake heaven.
Now im going back and forth with another customer who doesnt want to pay and wants to cut corners for a cheap cake but I really dont think she realizes the time and effort and cost that go into my cakes... and so Im raising my prices. Talk about frustrating.
On top of that, she wants it Sunday and if we dont agree on something today, it might not happen!
Im also trying to figure out school and what way to go with it.
looking into apprenticeships at local bakeries.
Still have to sketch out the next two cakes due...
working while searching things on google and Cake Central...
checking emails and I still have to send emails out.
Oh did I mention I havent eaten but a banana today?!
Fumes.. running on fumes.
Why cant a day consist of 48 hours? 8 to work, 8 to sleep and the rest to handle all the To Do's in life!
Oh well, all I can do is focus on now. What can I do NOW?
And thats it. :)
I got the sweetest card from one of the teachers from Educator Appreciation Week! Pic to come!
Hoping everyones mid week is movin along!
X's and O's


Meghan said...

Whew! What a day! I hope you get some time to relax this weekend!!!

Jasara said...

I hope so! If I move to Chicago, we should sooo meet up!

Maki said...

Oh man, I hate it too - when you're so busy that you can't even sit and take a breath! Hope you get to enjoy your weekend!!