Thursday, March 4, 2010

My extended Blog

I'm at it again! I swear, me and cake should be married! We are soul mates!
Ive come across so much new information on organizations and local venues and magazines and blogs (thanks Proova!! my new Pastry friend!!) that I think I will add an extension to my blog specifically for my Love of the Art!
This will remain my main blog, about me, my journey, my struggles and triumphs but my Pastry love will be fed into a separate blog, and I'm sure, they will cross paths here and there!
So stay on the look out for my new blog, a more detailed look into my world of pastry, confections and CAKE!

1 comment:

poorva said...

Hey Jasara, way to go. Let the creativity flow, I am just waiting to see you flourish. I am proud of you and of anyone who takes that first step.. lots of love