Monday, March 22, 2010

Lazy weekend dayz...

Weekend was good, despite the fact that I still have no wi-fi... i could post on my laptop hooked up to the Internet but I hate that thing! My stubbornness doesn't allow it!
It was a lazy weekend.. cleaned then bummed it Saturday.. sketched the AIW cake which is turning out totally awesome!!!! Actually made me a drink! Had a Strawberry Daiquiri and it gave me a killer headache that I woke to still on Sunday! So i slept in to sleep it away.. and it worked!
Sunday... another lazy day... hit up the park with the kiddos, read as I laid out in the sun which felt sooooooooooooo Gooooooooooooooooood!
**hello sun, I have missed you!**
Bakes a ton of cupcakes for the fundraiser and crashed waay to late for my taste.
sure makes me feel old, damn!
but I realize rest is a vital part of staying healthy,
I dont mind hittin the sheets earlier than i did when I was 20..
back then, it was all about the drinks, the club and the parties!
Still like to party, just on a classier scale :)
Today went by pretty quickly! Didn't log into my blog til after lunch!
Sheesh! Time flies when your having fun.
or working and selling cupcakes!
Oh and im down 12 pounds!
more baking tonight.. Red Velvets are a super hit!
And still loving the sunshiny days!
X's and O's

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shin said...

let me find out j is gettin sexier on me =)...u betta watch out b4 i come scoop u up..lolol =P