Thursday, April 1, 2010

post delay

I really wanted to post yesterday but again, work and life had me busy! So ill probably post twice today!
I noticed that Im an end of the day kinda blogger! lol I am fortunate enough to be able to read the blogs I follow in the early morning then come 4 or so my time... im ready to blog. Must be this thing they call work interfering! lol
With no cake due now this weekend, I can relax a bit, enjoy the Easter weekend and plan out my next cake, the Lion of Zion for my friends husbands 40th birthday. Its a Reggae theme birthday as he is a huge lover of Reggae and Rasta!
Hopefully I get my router that comcast promised me after my threats to leave for Direct-TV.
Im giving them until Saturday. Im so done with Comcast!!!!
Then I need to figure out this school thing... am I , am I not. *sigh*
I think I need some qt to really think about this and ponder my next step.
Its not raining out here in the Bay Area and supposed to pour on Easter :(
but despite the rain, Im going to have a GREAT weekend!
X's & O's

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