Wednesday, April 21, 2010

3 hours

...thats how much sleep I had last night. Im a zombie today. My eyes are even blurry from the lack of sleep.
Oh the life of an aspiring :)

But the cake was a hit! They absolutely loved it. Thus my reward for my deprivation. And to try and stay awake and obtain energy, i willingly partook in their potluck. I don't do potlucks unless there's store bought food. Sorry no offense to others home cooking but ive come across one too many dishes with hair or plastic or other "unknown" objects in them on top of visiting a coworkers house to find it quite ... dirty  nasty inside and they have no qualms about having company over in that state. Or maybe I'm just a clean freak and even though I bake out of my house, abide by health code conduct and with the help of my medical background, universal precautions! lol I always have my hair back, gloves on and am constantly wiping down and disinfecting my work surfaces. ok... im totally off track with this... blame it on my altered mental status.
but i ate 3 half sammiches and then our dept ordered pizza which i only ate the toppings off of. for me this is more than i normally eat. That is another story. Lets just call it "professional dieter" and leave it at that for now!

So back to the cake...  I finally finished at 3am Wednesday morning. Up at 6 for work. Headache and completely annoyed by everyone yet excited by the cake. I bet I could cry on cue today! lol

Tonight, even tho I have to start on another cake.. I think I will just take a break and rest up. Cant do good work with an exhausted body!

Enjoy the Pics!

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