Thursday, April 8, 2010

A new day...

Woke up feeling good.
Sun was out, I got a good nights rest and
it was a new day!
Work went by smoothly
even though I got a headache...
but my co-worker saved me
with Advil.
I laughed today.
Laughter is great for the soul
We should all laugh once
a day :D
Ready to get home
enjoy some evening sun
and sculpt this lion out
Have a lovely evening/night Everyone!
X's and O's


Amanda said...

I'm the co-worker that would save you with the Advil!! I always got some period-cramps-be-gone medication on me!! ;)

Maki said...

Honestly, Advil is the best when it comes to headache.. And I agree, we all should laugh every day:)

p.s. I always enjoy listening to the music:)Have a lovely weekend!

Jasara said...

Thanks lovley ladies! Yes, the advil kicked headaches butt majorly! :)