Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eve

Surprisingly today was quite nice! The rain stayed away and the sun hung out, and is still shining its warm rays upon us!

Tho still without my router (which after a trip to my local cable companies office was promised the order was made and I would receive it by Tuesday) I was hacking into unsecured wi-fi in my apartment last night! lol

Chatting online with wi-fi in and out makes for great comedy!

Today, I gave up and am sitting in my living room with my notebook hooked up to the cable where my land line cable comes in.

I've been quite lazy this Saturday but think I may get out tonight and let some music infuse my system and maybe a cocktail lessen my stress. Not a big drinker so maybe a glass of Cab or Syrah :) but we'll see.

Did manage to get a pedicure (much needed) and I tried my hair at the loose wave (huge thanks to Amanda and her blog about Maegan's blog tutorial!!) Check them out and follow if you dont already follow them!!! Heres the result!

I lessened the curl on the bangs and even though my hair is half way down my back, the wave brought it up to about bra length and shorter in the front. I am quite pleased with the result! Amanda and Maegan, let me just say you are awesome! lol

And so today is ending, the sun is beginning to descend and I am off to make the most of my night! Kiddos will wake to their baskets and chocolate and I will get to wake to the smell of my coffee pot brewing coffee I can finally enjoy!

Hippity-Hop and Blessings to all!

X's and O's

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